drayden with nima in mexico

Drayden is a young man with peanut allergies, living in Saskatchewan, Canada. He belongs to a traveling hockey team, and is constantly on-the-go. His mother, Linda, bought him a Nima Peanut Sensor to help him double check his food while he’s traveling. You can read more about them in this interview, or follow them on Linda’s Instagram (@goalie_mamma).

Here is Drayden’s experience using Nima while traveling in Mexico!

“I am so thankful for my Nima! On vacation with my family in the Mayan Riviera, I was able to test my food for the first time in 11 years! Our resort is very good about asking if we have food allergies at every restaurant we went to and they even take you on a tour of the buffets and salad bars to go over what is safe and what to not take just in case.

I have a routine for eating out, I take my javex wipes always in my backpack and wipe down the table and chair. Then I use the napkin as a placemat and keep my hands on that as a barrier. I choose my food and have my parents add the food into the Nima capsule so I don’t touch it until it’s tested. Once the results say Peanut safe I dig in and keep my fork and knife on my plate and I don’t eat off others plates.

Having the Nima at every meal made eating a lot less stressful. We tested my pancakes, waffles, entrees, and deserts. I was so excited to try the pastries and desserts that came back safe on the Nima. My family from Vancouver was with us and they had never seen the Nima, they thought it was great and have told some friends back home with kids that have allergies.”