Nima College Ambassador Program

We’re inviting current university students who have used a Nima or are thinking about using a Nima to join our new program!

Join Valerie Kraft a college student from Vanderbilt and others as we work on making university campuses safer for those with food allergies or other food restrictions.



About the program

The Nima college ambassador program invites current university students for an opportunity to spread food allergy/sensitivity awareness on campus with the power of Nima. As an ambassador, we’ll supply you with resources and insights to help make your campus and your college town a safer place to eat with the power of Nima.


What you’ll do as a Nima College Ambassador

  • Be a spokesperson for Nima on campus and for your campus region.
  • Help Nima with dining guides from restaurants in your area.
  • Work with Nima team to push campus residence and local restaurants to adopt safer food practices.
  • Participate in discussions on new Nima features with the Nima team.


Perks of the Nima College Ambassador Program

You’ve already got papers, exams, and costs of books to worry about. As a Nima College Ambassador we’ve got you covered with capsules and more!


What’s New From Our Ambassadors

We’ll be featuring our ambassador profiles and new updates such as college-town dining guides on this page. Join now to help contribute to make college life a little bit easier for others with food sensitivities!


Posts from Nima College Ambassadors

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Tips to Tackling College with Food Allergies by Lizzie K

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