Nima for Restaurants

Nima for restaurants: a plate of prepared salad

As a restaurant owner, manager or staff, you may be curious about what Nima means for your restaurant.

What is Nima?

Nima is a connected, portable device that tests foods for gluten or peanut. A rapidly growing population avoids allergens to maintain a healthy diet or to not get sick. Nima gives diners the ability to instantly identify threats in their food.

Why would someone be using Nima?

When a patron is using Nima in your restaurant, it’s likely because eating gluten or peanut will cause them physical harm or discomfort. Nima will help them identify allergens in food even when kitchen staff might have missed it. There are lots of reasons why people avoid eating gluten or peanut, but most are health-related and potentially very serious.

Customers with celiac may require a little extra peace of mind when dining in your restaurant, even if you have gluten-free options available. Others are using Nima to explore new restaurants and/or new menu items.

The reasons may vary, but it likely means they are excited to be able to dine out and have an extra layer of information to help them make safe decisions about what to eat.

Can my restaurant test with Nima?

Absolutely! We think any restaurant offering gluten-free or peanut free options can benefit from having a Nima on hand. Use Nima to verify gluten-free menu items are actually gluten-free. You can you test ingredients and spot check meals as they go out to ensure quality control procedures are being followed. You might even want to offer to run a Nima test for your customers with extra concerns. Running your own tests also allows you to post reviews in the Nima app which can increase visibility to gluten-free and peanut-free patrons all over the country.

How can I get a Nima?

You can purchase a Nima through our website. Please keep us posted on how you are using Nima at your restaurant and we might just feature you in our blog, on social media or in our weekly emails to our community! See our feature on How Blu Star Grill Tests for Gluten with Nima as an example.

How can I advertise my testing program?

We offer templated window stickers, posters, table tents and information cards to help you message your program to patrons.

Still have questions?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive set of answers to commonly asked questions from restaurants about Nima that can be found in our FAQ section under Nima for restaurants.

If you operate a chain restaurant and are looking for more information on launching a larger testing program at locations across the country, please contact for more information.