Since most food allergen tests on the market today aren’t exactly portable, we often get questions about how to use Nima in social settings – whether at a restaurant or large catered event.

Typically, when sitting down with a menu, diners with food allergies have very specific conversations with waitstaff and sometimes even the chefs to convey their needs. At first, restaurant staff won’t likely know what Nima does right off the bat, so it’s important to still have the same conversations with waitstaff about your needs even if you’re going to test food samples.

Nima is an added layer of information about the sample, rather than a substitute for your routine precautions.

Below is a scenario to take you through using Nima when dining out. Always remember to communicate with waitstaff, test samples of foods you’re concerned about eating with Nima and use caution before eating, as each individual reacts to different levels of allergens.

How to use Nima: An Etiquette Guide