20150827_026_NIMA_Food Hero

20150827_026_NIMA_ Joey with Food


Some new photos of Nima! You can see that you just have to put a small sample of food into the pods in order to test it. Our gluten version will be available for pre-purchase later this year via our website and begin shipping in 2016.

When using the device for gluten, you’ll get a smiley face if there is less than 20 parts per million of gluten. You’ll get a sad face if it’s greater than or equal to 20 parts per million. Even with that smiley face, you’ll need to exhibit your normal level of caution. We’ll be sharing more details this fall, but you should a little bit about how it works, know it is a rechargeable device, and that you’ll need a fresh capsule for each test.

We’ve begun research and development on other allergens as well, notably peanut and milk. We’ll announce more about those in 2016.