How big is Nima?

People often ask us how large our portable food tester is then are surprised when we show it to them. It’s always smaller than what they had imagined. For the promise it holds, which seems so large, it’s almost hard to imagine that a device this small and discreet can do its important job. It does! We designed Nima to be small enough to fit into a pocket, to carry around in a small purse, or to sit discreetly on a table when you’re dining away from home. We know you want something you can easily take with you everywhere.

So here are some photos so you can get some idea of how small Nima really is.

Nima: inside a small purse

Nima is also fairly lightweight — so you’re not struggling with a lot of extra baggage.

How big is Nima: Photo of NIMA being placed into a purse, the purse is much larger than Nima

Nima: next to a small book

For comparison, the book dimensions are 4.8 inches wide x 6.2 inches high – so you can see that Nima’s svelte size of 3.5 inches of width x 3.1 inches of height make it easily portable.

How big is Nima: NIMA next to a small book

Nima: smaller than a coffee cup

Going for a cup of coffee and a gluten-free scone? Nima fits right on the table next to it. Let’s hope you get a smile!

NIMA next to a scone and a cup of coffee in a paper cup. Nima has a smile, meaning less than 20 parts per million of gluten.

Nima: fits in your hand

Here’s a photo of putting a small amount of food in the cap — you can see how to fill Nima. You notice that the device sort of recedes into the background. We’ve heard from a lot of you that it’s nice to see that it can fit on a table and other people won’t even notice it.

How big is Nima: Hands placing a small amount of scone into a disposable capsule with Nima in background.

This should answer you question as to “how big is Nima?” We’ll continue to post new photos so you can see it in different situations too! Of course, you can always follow our Instagram to see the latest — especially of tests we’re conducting when our team is on the go.