Dane Weitmann

Dane Weitmann, mechanical design engineer, Nima


One of my favorite t-shirts has a picture of a grizzly bear on it with the phrase “survival of the fittest”. This phrase has been a motto of mine for probably 15 years. However, as I grow older, and hopefully wiser, it takes on different meanings. Fit to lead, fit to innovate, fit to run a marathon or be a parent. All of these require full body fitness, mental and physical, and depend on how you treat yourself.

As an engineer, I am used to looking at products as systems. I see our bodies in the same way. Your brain, your muscles, all your organs, work together. If the rest of your body is not healthy, why would you assume your brain is healthy? I know that I think clearer and perform my job better when I am physically feeling healthier and stronger.

I am also used to looking at a system in terms of inputs and outputs. A problem goes into your brain, you evaluate the problem and output a solution. You put work into lifting weights or going for a run, and you output stronger muscles or more endurance. Another very important input is what you consume; food, drink or anything you put into your body. I am lucky enough to be able to tolerate all types of food, and have spent enough time in Mexico and China to know what it feels like to consume something that my body does not handle well. I can’t imagine having to avoid certain foods or have the potential to feel that sick, or worse, on a regular basis.

There are many products to help you monitor your health, track your calories, improve focus or help you relax when your brain needs a break. I have used, and been part of developing, many of these products. Frankly, this is why I became an engineer: to design health and fitness products that I would want to use.

Something that does not exist yet is a product that allows us to test our food for things that will impact our health. This is what makes me excited to be working on Nima. Whether it is gluten, peanut or any variety of food that impacts your health, the potential for what Nima can become is incredible.

We are developing a unique product that will allow people to be healthier, happier and be their fittest. I truly believe this is a product we will look back on in 10 years and wonder how we lived without it.

-Dane Weitmann, mechanical design engineer, Nima