When we welcome people to our offices, we often point out the abundance of gluten-free snacks we have available. We’ve got everything from rice cakes to Nutella to gluten-free oatmeal and gluten-free snack bars. Not to mention some fresh fruit, which is the healthiest of these options.


There’s one snack that isn’t gluten-free, there’s always a tub of pub mix in the office for the folks who tolerate gluten. We physically isolate these gluten-filled snacks from the gluten-free ones so that there’s no risk of cross contamination.


Ten years ago there weren’t as many gluten-free snacks on the market, but now there are all sorts of options. Our team is fairly health-conscious, but some folks still like a little treat now and again.


How do we choose gluten-free snacks people will like?


That’s based on trial and error. We got a nice gift box from Love with Food earlier this year that helped us find some new ideas. Sometimes people ask for things they like at home.


What kind of gluten-free snacks do we have on hand?

Bars There are quite a few brands of gluten-free bars out there. We’ve had a rotating list of gluten-free snack bars, including Kind Bars, Nature Valley gluten-free bars, Bumble, Udi’s, Van’s Snack Bars and Larabar.
Oatmeal packets We have tested oatmeal in the office from time to time. We finally settled on alternating between Chex and Bob’s Red Mill for use in the office. Yep, we have a stove top that gets put to good use, not just gluten-free snacks but also for food prep for testing.
Nuts While we are well aware there are many people with food allergies and sensitivities to nuts, luckily none of our team members have tree nut or peanut allergies. We tend to have almonds and cashews (technically not a nut but a seed) on hand.
Rice cakes Rice cakes are a tried and true gluten-free snack and really just a vehicle for Nutella (yes, we know, again, this is an item that does contain tree nuts and milk).
Dried fruit Dried apricots, anyone? This is another sweet treat that people choose to eat throughout the day. Raisins aren’t something most like, so apricots and dried apples tend to find their way to our shelves more frequently.
Gluten-free trail mixes We buy gluten-free trail mixes from Costco on a regular basis. The mix of nuts, dried fruit and the occasional morsel of chocolate please folks in the office.
Fresh fruit We order fresh fruit – generally apples and cuties – so the team can nosh on something healthy. From time to time we have bananas, too (however, some folks on the team are anti-banana).
Popcorn, pretzels, puffed veggies and other fun snacks Popcorn is another gluten-free snack that the team likes for those times when you crave a little salt. Gluten-free pretzels (and a little mustard) go a long way toward staving off hunger at the end of a long day. We’ve tried and continue to try things all the time.

We do like to test our snacks when out and about — as seen in a recent trip to the movies. Popcorn? Gluten free, at least, at this theater.

It should be noted that while our cabinet is exclusively gluten-free, the fridge is a shared space. We do work to make certain things are well labeled. All condiments in our fridge are labeled as to gluten-free or not. If something gets contaminated – like mustard, we remove the gluten-free label. Every once in a while, if we have a team lunch, we’ll carefully note how something has been ordered. We’ve also trashed gluten-free toasters when they’ve been contaminated by a gluten-filled bagel and ordered completely new toasters so they can remain dedicated gluten-free.
It’s really pleasant to have a safe office space for all our team members. It’s great to have so many gluten-free snack options to eat!