Amici's Gluten Free Nima Verified Pizza

As you may know, May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month, and Nima has been traveling coast-to-coast – everywhere from Florida to Chicago and of course, the San Francisco Bay Area. We love to take Nima on the road to show how small, compact, and easy to use Nima is. We were honored to demo Nima to so many different groups of celiacs (and other gluten-free folks) to spread the word on dining with ease while gluten-free.

In our rounds of restaurant food testing, we’ve found that about 20 percent of restaurant foods advertised as gluten-free actually have gluten in them, and this data lines up with the research we’ve done that shows GF folks get sick about one out of every four or five times they dine outside the home.

Dining out with celiac disease is stressful, and we’ve heard it compared to Russian roulette on multiple occasions. We imagine a world where you no longer have to guess what you’re eating, but you know exactly what’s being served. We’re hopeful that Nima will do just that, and we’re on a mission to get it into as many hands as possible. So in May, we took Nima on the road for some show-and-tell.

Bay Area Gluten-free Pizza Party

We kicked off May with a gluten-free pizza party at Amici’s in Redwood City with Amy Fothergill, blogger and chef extraordinaire, and the Bay Area Celiac and Gluten-Free Support Group. The kids enjoyed lots of Nima-verified, gluten-free pizza and seeing little Nima in action. Amici’s even had a dairy-free/soy-free Daiya cheese pizza for those with multiple intolerances!

GFAF Expo Schaumburg

Nima headed east to the Midwest for the Gluten-Free & Allergen Friendly Expo in Schaumburg, Ill. We love these expos because we are surrounded by thousands of gluten-free and free-from families, exciting (and delicious) new foods and because we get the chance to meet our own early supporters who saw Nima years ago before it was even available for pre-order.

We even debuted new gluten-free food plushies and some new buttons that everyone really loved!

Over that weekend in Chicagoland, Heather held a blogger and early supporter happy hour with live demos. We were able to test food off the gluten-free menu at Weber Grill, show Nima working and mix and mingle with bloggers and people who have pre-ordered their own Nima. We had such a great time!

Love @celiacinthecity son “O” and he loves the fun @nimasensor buttons!

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BBQ sauce was a-okay! ?? thank you @nimasensor for the awesome demo!

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Love the idea #consumer testing @nimasensor

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FARE Conference Orlando

While celiac disease isn’t a food allergy, we can definitely sympathize with folks who have different reactions to gluten and other proteins. We attended the FARE Conference in Orlando and really appreciated the insights and tips on living with food allergies, which only confirmed the need for a device you can use on-the-go to test your food so you can live your life to the fullest. The sessions were especially important to us as we develop sensors for peanut, milk and other top allergens.

Continuing in Florida, Carla also hosted a blogger and early supporter dinner with demos – unfortunately, quite a few items on the gluten-free menu came back positive for gluten. However, having that information was a game changer, as a lot of people would have ingested a lot of gluten had we not tested it ahead of time.

Today’s Dietitian Spring Symposium

To wrap up in Orlando, we exhibited at the Today’s Dietitian Spring Symposium to spread the word about Nima to health care providers who are advising newly diagnosed celiacs and those who need an extra tool to keep them on the gluten-free path. The dietitians were so excited about Nima, and were really eager to start offering it to their patients as another resource in their toolbox.

What a whirlwind month! And guess what – we’re not even done yet. May isn’t over, and we’re not done spreading the word. Stay tuned for another exciting virtual event with Erica Dermer (a.k.a. Celiac and the Beast) next week!

We can’t wait to “see” you there.