2017 Nima Summer Interns

2016 Nima summer interns (L-R): Top row – Garret McGregor, Alex Katz, Andrius Didziulis; Bottom row – Birgitte Nergaard, Neha Sunil, Danielle Fraga, Karoline Strand


Summer is upon us in San Francisco, which means rain and fog in these parts. But, we have shining new faces eager to bring Nima to the masses to brighten our days. We even have an intern returning from last year who didn’t get his fill of Nima yet! Meet our team of hungry, hungry interns:

Garret McGregor, mechanical engineering intern

Villanova University (GO CATS! \\\///)

I worked here last year and had an amazing time! Initially I was attracted to Nima by its mission to help others. My pursuit in engineering is based off my want to help others, thus working at a company that does so much for individuals is a dream come true. I am hoping to contribute as much as possible to the Nima engineering team at any front. I want to expand my knowledge about the role of a mechanical engineer in the company.

Food identity: Because of my origin from New Jersey, I love real bagels and pizza. Nothing makes me happier than a bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel with ketchup. In general, I will eat everything except for cooked fish.

Alex Katz, engineering intern

Cornell University

As a sophomore at Cornell University in the College of Engineering, I am preparing to major in electrical and computer engineering. I have academic, volunteer and work experience in computer hardware and programming. At Nima, I worked on embedded systems development.

Editor’s note: Alex’s internship ended last week, but he was a great asset to the team! He is off to serve as a camp counselor at Camp Celiac in Livermore, Calif., and we couldn’t be happier for him. Join us in thanking Alex for his time since May!

Andrius Didziulis, software engineering intern

Carnegie Mellon University

I came to Nima with an interest in startups and mobile devices that help people deal with health and dietary issues. Previously, I have worked at three European startups in retail, education and fitness/healthcare sectors. At the last one, I spent four years supervising software development projects ranging from small apps to country-wide information systems. Thus, I got interested in software development: now, as a graduate student at CMU, I am pursuing these interests. I am hoping to build structures and tools to leverage all the data given by Nima and develop an Android app to help a user employ his/her Nima. When I have free time, I go to the gym, jog, watch movies, and travel. I spent two weeks in taiga in Siberia and backpacked alone across India.

Food identity: In general, I do not have any known allergies and like eating everything that is not too spicy and does not contain anise. Also, I consider myself a foodie traveler: a crucial part of my every trip is trying out local delicacies.

Birgitte Nergaard, marketing intern

Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship

Previously, I was a research assistant at The Choice Lab (Norwegian research group focusing on consumer psychology) and communications assistant at FOCUS (Norwegian research group focusing on organizational solutions and how it can contribute to competitive advantage). At Nima, I’m hoping to learn as much as I can about a startup business and contribute in any way I can. I’m already in love with Nima and Nima sensor!

Food identity: I eat and love everything! Especially Coke Zero and all kinds of cheese.

Neha Sunil, engineering intern

California Institute of Technology

I wanted the chance to work with a startup’s engineering team (and this was the first one that wanted me as much as I wanted them!). I’m a rising sophomore at Caltech. I’m a declared computation and neural systems major, but I plan on taking plenty of mechanical engineering courses. Two summers ago, I was a computational genomics intern at Stanford, where I developed a tool to create guides for CRISPR, a novel genome-editing technique. At Nima, I’m most excited to learn! This is my first experience as an engineering intern, so I can’t wait to be involved in a hands-on project and help create an actual product that makes people’s lives a little easier. I’m also a yoga teacher, and have been for five years now. Most of the classes I’ve taught were free to the public, so I’ve had the chance to teach everyone from four-year-olds to 84-year-olds.

Food identity: Luckily, I’m allergy-free, although for a brief period, I apparently had stress-induced lactose intolerance (after changing schools and doing my black belt test in the same year). For the most part, I love trying new things. My friends and I started having cooking parties, but we quickly found that not all of us knew what we were doing. So, we started a cooking blog about our adventures – like setting off fire alarms and melting plastic pans.

Danielle Fraga, R&D intern

After working in academic research for two years, I joined Nima to gain perspective working in the biotech industry. I worked at Shrager Lab at Stanford University School of Medicine for two years and Stanford Boys Gymnastics for four years. I’m hoping to gain experience working for a biotech company and learn the workings of a startup in the midst of launch!

Food identity: Generally, I like most foods. However, I cannot stand mushrooms, eggs, Jell-O, and tofu.

Karoline Strand, mechanical engineering intern

Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship

I participate in a program called Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship this summer and Nima was one of the companies in the program. Having food allergies myself I already knew of Nima and after the interview I knew this would be the place for me. I finished my bachelor’s degree from NTNU Aalesund last year as a mechanical engineer. I currently work with Stokke back in Norway, now doing new product development. I’ve been there for about a year now, doing a bit of everything: procurement, supply chain strategy, product testing. On the side, I also work with the local university doing robotic projects with the industry. Before graduating, I worked six years in the marine industry, both as an industrial mechanic and a manufacturing engineer in Rolls-Royce Marine. I’m excited to work with such a competent team, hoping to learn a lot and also contribute on the way.

Food identity: I prefer vegetarian. Anything with flavour and nutrients is good, but I’m not too fuzzed – balance is key, right? Food allergies: peanuts, soy, lactose intolerant.