We’re still growing our team to continue to ensure Nima is the best it can be when we ship to you this fall and then expand our product lines in the coming year. We are so thrilled to have new faces in our R&D, product and marketing departments who are passionate about our mission and eager to jump in and impact the product immediately. Please meet and welcome our latest Nima teammates!


Charles Kosan
Charles Kosan, senior systems engineer

I came to Nima for the opportunity to work with great people to make cool, meaningful products for people worldwide in a beautiful city. I’ve worked in product design and development of consumer electronics in Japan, France, Hong Kong and Canada at both startup and multinational companies.

At Nima, I’ll be working on design and integration, development and support manufacturing of our product lines. I’m also passionate about worldwide backpack travel and love getting around on bicycle. I’m still struggling to manage my busy mind during meditation sessions.

Food identity: Love hot and spicy foods, strong smelly cheeses (especially blue cheese). I make my own bread and sauerkraut.

Lyndsie Slakey

Lyndsie Slakey, research associate

I heard about Nima on NPR last year and immediately signed up for the company newsletter. I have celiac disease, so the idea of a portable, easy-to-use gluten sensor seemed like the perfect solution to my dining anxieties. When I began searching for a new job this year, Nima was the first place I wanted to look, and I am so happy to be a part of this team. I graduated from the University of Washington in 2012 with a degree in biology with a concentration in physiology. I worked at a biotech company for the last three and a half years doing a variety of antibody and peptide conjugations, with a main focus on production of antibodies for use in ELISA and Western Blot Assays.

At Nima, I am hoping to strengthen my own research and experimental skills while learning more about the integration of science and engineering in the sensor. I’m excited to be able to collaborate with the other team members on developing Nima products!

Food identity: I was diagnosed with celiac disease about four years ago and have been eating gluten-free ever since. I love to eat Italian food and have been pleasantly surprised with the gluten-free pasta alternatives. I also love to eat fresh fruit and grilled meat and veggies, especially in the summer!


Sho Takahashi

Sho Takahashi, head of community

I love food and work in tech, so one evening I dropped by a Food Tech Meetup that happened to be hosted at Nima HQ. After watching a demo and learning about the seriousness of those allergic to gluten I felt empathetic as I suffer from some food intolerances myself. My passion is in new technology and companies that help individuals live better. Nima’s device and team help empower people by providing greater awareness about the food they are eating, and that is a mission my heart (and sensitive stomach) can get behind.

Previously, I’ve worn multiple hats handling everything from sales to operations at various B2C companies but found a love for community development for tech startups. Most recently, I led the launch campaigns and community efforts at Boosted Boards, Misfit and Coin.

In addition to simply stating that I’ll do whatever I can to help make Nima a successful go-to brand in food tech, there are two community goals that are important for me. The first goal is bringing together and helping those with food intolerances gain freedom and assurance when eating out or consuming packaged goods. The second goal is developing a positive and transparent relationship between customers and restaurants or food brands through Nima. The end goal is to ensure that Nima community members can eat what they love and enjoy their food.

Food identity: I was taught to eat more fruits and veggies, but my food pyramid consists of In-N-Out Burgers and Fries, street tacos, ramen and Vietnamese noodle soups. I can eat these dishes weekly and possibly daily. My stomach is very sensitive to dairy, spices and oils, so I’m always watching what I eat. My degree is in environmental studies, so I’m also conscious about the environmental and social impact of food. I try to choose humane, free-range, locally grown etc. when available. I enjoy cooking for friends, which I write about in my food blog when I can. You can expect that I will Instagram the food I eat. I’m obsessed with getting the perfect photo, which always results in someone saying, “Are you done? Can we eat now?!!”


Sharon Morad

Sharon Morad, lead product manager

The team and product vision is what brought me to Nima. As soon as I had my first conversation with Scott, I knew this would be an incredible place and team to join! Prior to joining Nima, I was getting my M.B.A. at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Before pursuing my M.B.A. full-time, I led new product development at Amazon Lab126, working on new products such as Fire TV, Echo Tap and future products.

Joining Nima, I hope to help empower and have an impact on our customers as well as help expand Nima and our product base to even more people and new use cases. I’m so excited to be joining such an incredible team with an important mission!

Food identity: I’m a flexitarian. I love eating and cooking vegetarian, leading me to host a lot of dinner parties. But, as I am a flexitarian and hosting others means making what they enjoy eating, I also enjoy cooking and eating non-vegetarian options. However, due to my allergies to all seafood (fish and shellfish), I can’t eat some foods. Further, I prefer not to eat pork.


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