Last week, we featured Jenny and her daughter, Claire. Today we’re sharing our chat with Roman, who’s been a Nima fan since early development and who had a full fledged Nima vacation.

Hi Roman, can you tell us about your experience testing Nima?
My 2-year-old was diagnosed with celiac disease at 11 months and is very sensitive even to the tiniest speck of gluten. Anyone with celiac disease will tell you how challenging it is to go out or to go on vacation where you have to rely on food cooked and served by others. So when I heard about a new device that can fit in my pocket and could tell me in under three minutes if the food has gluten in it, I was very excited. I consider myself very lucky to be able to take Nima with me on vacation, and honestly I don’t know how I would survive two weeks without it. As a matter of fact, after coming back from vacation and sending Nima back, I often feel like I am missing something. During our two-week vacation, Nima became as important to us as an iPhone and a wallet.

What’s it like using Nima for vacation?

We went out almost every day, and Nima accompanied us in the diaper bag along with the capsules that are required for testing. Before leaving, I was given an overview and some basic training on how to use it. I also watched YouTube videos, which proved to be very helpful. The process is very simple and anyone who can use a smartphone should have no problem using Nima. I didn’t have a chance to test Nima app for iPhone since it was in the final stage of development, but even without the app the device works very well and can display everything you need right on a built-in screen. Nima is very compact and fits well in a purse, pocket or a diaper bag. Since it has a built-in rechargeable battery, you don’t need to worry about replacing batteries or even needing a separate charger. It can be charged from an outlet or a computer using the same micro-USB cable that is used to charge most phones and tablets, and the charge lasts a very long time. During the two-week period, I didn’t even have to recharge it. 

Nima Vacation: Roman and his family go out and about with Nima

Was learning how to use Nima easy? 

Using Nima is very simple: press the button to turn it on, open the capsule and add food, close the capsule by twisting the cap and insert it into the Nima. Press start and wait for 2-3 minutes. That’s all. The one thing I had to pay attention to is the amount of food I am putting into the capsule. Since the space dedicated for food inside the capsule is limited it is important not to overfill it. For future users I recommend to do a little planning ahead by looking around the table or at your dish and decide what you are going to test. Some dishes like soup will be quite simple: just add a drop of soup and you are all set. Some dishes where you have meat or fish and sides may require you to take multiple samples and if each sample is not small enough then the combined size will most likely result in overfill.

What’s it like using Nima at restaurants? 

During our vacation, I had an opportunity to test many different dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This would include omelets and pancakes, sandwiches and burgers, pasta with meatballs, chicken and fish. While most dishes I tested came up negative for gluten, I did have one episode during which the test showed “gluten detected.” Obviously the food was sent back and while the restaurant conducted their investigation to find the source of the gluten, they couldn’t give me a clear answer where a possible contamination happened and only offered their apology, refund and an offer to create another dish. Had I not had Nima with me, my child would most definitely have gotten sick and our vacation would be ruined.

Are there any improvements for Nima you’d like to see?
*Note* Roman was using an earlier beta Nima before firmware and production updates.

A couple of times, an error was displayed on the screen which indicated one of two things: either the test didn’t run properly due to the capsule defect or I overfilled it. At least on one of those two occasions I felt I most certainly overfilled it. Of course no technology is perfect and there may be a small percentage of malfunction. That is the price we pay for using technology. Is it going to stop me from using it? Not a chance. Is it going to diminish my trust in Nima? Absolutely NOT. Besides it is very easy to just take another capsule, run the test one more time by reducing the volume of food, and get the result. Most likely you won’t get two defective capsules in a row, and if you overfilled the capsule in the first test, you won’t make the same mistake again.

Any comments for anyone who is still waiting for their Nima?

Overall it is a phenomenal product and one that will revolutionize the way people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance live. I preordered Nima when the company first announced it and can’t wait until I receive it, which should happen very soon. Until then, going out to explore gluten-free dining will have to wait.

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