At Nima, we’re gearing up for public availability of our first product, the gluten food sensor. To aid in our launch and expansion of the Nima platform, Nima new hires have been added to our marketing, operations and R&D teams. Join us in welcoming them!


Elena Chung Nima Director of Conversion Marketing

Elena Chung, director of conversion marketing

Elena comes to Nima from Sincerely, Inc., a Y-Combinator startup where she drove growth for thematic gift sets. Before that, she led marketing at Del Monte Foods. At Nima, she’s hoping to drive awareness of this awesome new product and get Nima into the homes of everyone who is gluten sensitive and then into the homes of anyone who has food sensitivities! In the hiring process, she loved the innovative product and is excited to be part of the team to break through into a new category and improve people’s lives.

Food identity: I absolutely love food and trying new things. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I probably eat Korean and Japanese food the most often. The only things I don’t like are olives and celery. All else, yes please!


Aquanette Burt

Aquanette Burt, assay development scientist

Aqua joins Nima with experience in diagnostics, having worked with Abbott Hematology in developing new instrumentation for blood analysis, as well as companies involved in cardiac marker assay development, sepsis testing and novel fluorescence-based assays for quantum dots. At Nima, she wants to help extend the product line and bring the product to more consumers. She loves the technology and the idea of helping people with food sensitivities.

Food identity: I do not have any food sensitivities, but there are certain textures I am not fond of – custards, eggplant, mushroom. I love fruit, any kind of bread, and I’ve never met a curry I didn’t like.


David LiuDavid Liu, director of manufacturing and supply chain

David comes to Nima from BioCision and Luminex and is excited to get more product to customers so they can have peace of mind and a more enjoyable dining experience. He has a deep background in low- and high-volume manufacturing, operations, quality assurance and global business development, with experience in taking startups from prototype to mass production.

Food identity: I like fruits a lot, and I don’t eat chicken and cheese (except pizza).

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