What a year 2016 has been! We celebrated a few big milestones this year (shipping pre-orders, yay!) and built up our arsenal of resources for our GF fans and friends. Before looking to next year, we like to take a step back and reflect on our most important company news, helpful tips/advice and new information about Nima. Below are the 10 most popular Nima blog posts from 2016.

Fart Nimoji

10. Nima Launches Nimoji, the First and Only Emoji Keyboard for Food Intolerances and Special Diets

If you haven’t downloaded Nimoji yet, treat yourself to our lighthearted emoji sticker app for people with special dietary needs – the first of its kind! This app has been a passion project for the team for awhile now, so we were so excited to finally launch it on iOS. Plus, haven’t you always wanted a fart emoji?

9. Testing Food for Gluten with Nima – Tips & Tricks

This graphic is a helpful tools for getting the most representative sample when testing your dish with Nima. It also has a good reminder what Nima can’t test – like soy sauce and gluten-free beer (more on that below).

8. Nima Chemistry vs. R-Biopharm

Earlier this year, we tested restaurant foods with Nima’s proprietary antibody compared to R-Biopharm’s 7001 kit. We were encouraged to find that Nima’s chemistry identified all cases where gluten was present at more than 20 parts per million – as well as a few cases below 20 ppm – as validated by R-Biopharm.

7. Nima Pricing Update, Last Week to Pre-order Nima at Discount

Everyone was eager to put in their order to be one of the first to receive their Nima before we launch to the public! We were so grateful for the support we received during the entire pre-sale campaign.Pica Pica arepa Nima tested

6. Gluten-free Restaurants: San Francisco Edition

Early testing data in San Francisco gave us a good idea of the information we would be building into the Nima app. While the gluten found frown has morphed into a wheat symbol, the results remain in the Nima database! Check out the chart to see if your favorite San Francisco restaurant made the gluten-free cut.

5. Nima Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Guide

Although we only published our first ever holiday gift guide a week or so ago, it quickly became one of our most popular posts of the year. It’s still not too late to take advantage of some unique special offers for Nima fans! There’s something for every free-from person in your life!

Gluten Free Cornbread Stuffing

4. Easy Gluten-free Cornbread Stuffing

Who doesn’t like stuffing? We shared our first #nimatested recipe during Thanksgiving – gluten-free and vegan option available. Let us know if you tried it and enjoyed it!

3. Gluten-free Beer: Why Nima Doesn’t Work for It (or Any Beer)

Based on an FAQ we hear often, this post goes into detail why Nima’s chemistry and other antibody-based gluten tests cannot detect the gluten in fermented foods like gluten-free beer.

2. 6SensorLabs Secures $9.2 Million in Series A Funding to Accelerate Expansion in Consumer Food Technology

One of our biggest news items of the year, we were thrilled to announce our Series A round of fundraising and company rebrand. Some of you may only know us as Nima, but we were founded as 6SensorLabs and decided to adopt Nima as not just our product name, but our global brand identity. Fun fact: Nima is a Persian word that means “fair” or “equal.”

Asian takeaway food

1. Is Soy Sauce Gluten-Free? No, And Why You Can’t Test It With Nima

Soy sauce is the bane of most gluten-free folks’ existence. It’s hidden in many dishes, and unfortunately not detectable by antibody-based test kits like Nima. It’s important to understand why gluten in soy sauce is so hard to identify, and this post lays it out in simple terms. We also explore gluten-free alternatives to conventional soy sauce.

Thanks for reading in 2016, and happy new year!