Nima testing gluten-free girl scout cookies

For many Americans, the most wonderful time of the year is when Girl Scouts start selling their famous cookies. If you’re gluten-free, you’ve only recently been able to enjoy these popular treats. After a wide search, we finally got our hands on the toffee-tastic gluten-free Girl Scout Cookies.

The ingredient list checks out as gluten-free. Made with rice flour, tapioca starch, brown rice flour, and some other yummy goodness. We’re really curious if this box is really gluten-free and how they taste.

gluten-free girl scout cookies in Nima capsule

We placed a pea-size amount of the rich, buttery cookie – making sure to get a little piece of toffee bit in there, too – into the Nima capsule. The cookies seemed extra crumbly and crunchy. As we waited for the results, we inspected the packaging more closely. It does have a seal that this is certified gluten-free by a
third-party organization,
NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), so we’re hoping to see that smiley face on Nima. The package also says “Produced with Genetic Engineering.” Wondering what this meant, we looked it up in the Girl Scout’s FAQs and learned that this labeling resulted from recently passed legislation creating a mandatory labeling standard for products made with GMOs. Girl Scout S’mores are made with verified non-GMO ingredients, so it won’t have this label.

So what were the results? To our joy and relief, it passed! There’s that smile that we all know and love.

gluten-free girl scout cookies - Nima with smile

As for the taste, they are crumbly and crunchy as expected and taste like a regular shortbread cookie. I’ve read recent reviews about these gluten-free Girl Scout cookies saying that they’re bland and flavorless, but our team thought they were quite tasty! There’s not as much of the toffee punch we expected with a name like “toffee-tastic,” but they were quite satisfying (especially after the workout I just had). They don’t taste nearly as indulgent as their non-gluten-free counterparts, like Samoas or Tagalongs. Maybe that just means you can have one more cookie!

We hope Girl Scouts come out with more gluten-free versions of our favorite varieties, such as gluten-free Thin Mints or gluten-free Samoas! Now those are cookies we’d love to test and eat!

gluten-free girl scout cookies