Women at Nima: CEO and Co-FounderShireen Yates

Nima CEO & Co-Founder Shireen Yates

On this International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the women of Nima.

Our co-founder and CEO, Shireen Yates, has built an incredibly inclusive team, all going back to the core of what ‘Nima’ means. We want a place that is fair and equitable, where everyone has a place at the table.

It’s not just a metaphor either – having a wide swath of personalities and experiences on our team ensures that when we’re building products, we’re looking at it from multiple points of view.

We know our Nima community members encompass women who are in high school and college, people new to a career or to motherhood, or those who are empty nesters or retirees. The women of Nima span some, but not all of these perspectives, allowing these voices to be heard as we make iterations on Nima’s app or how we communicate how Nima works for you.

Women at Nima 2017: By the Numbers

On the whole, 38 percent of Nima’s full-time employees are women. Women are in every department of the organization: engineering/R&D, operations, marketing, finance and product.

Nima executive team is 50 percent female, featuring our CEO, VP of finance, and VP of marketing.

Of people who directly manage others, 50 percent are female.

Although not permanent employees, even last summer’s interns were 57 percent female in marketing, engineering and R&D.

Women at Nima 2017: By Team

Women at Nima: Lead Scientist Jingqing Zhang drinking coffee

Nima Lead Scientist Dr. Jingqing Zhang in the lab

  • Engineering/R&D Team – 29 percent female, of which R&D (hard core chemistry!) is 80 percent
  • Marketing – 75 percent female
  • Finance and Internal Operations – 100 percent female
  • Operations – 25 percent female
  • Product – 50 percent female

In our hiring, we actively seek to maintain and uphold a diverse team that embodies the Nima values. Diversity is an ongoing effort within our organization, and we’re always looking to improve. However, Nima would not be possible without our amazing women!