We’re continuously improving our product offerings to enhance your Nima experience, and one of our biggest priorities is improving the Nima app – both for iOS and for Android. We’re thrilled to add two new software team members to lead the charge. Please welcome Paul and Rodney to the Nima team! Stay tuned for more app news in the next couple months!

Nima software Rodney Gainous

Rodney Gainous, Jr., software engineer – Android

Rodney comes to Nima from previous mobile engineering roles at Nexient, Ford and Gigster. He was attracted by the sensor technology and is looking forward to making contributions to the mobile team and creating great apps that our community will love. He’s excited about the future of the company and can’t wait to watch the team solve upcoming challenges, like adding peanuts and milk to our platform.

Food identity: I like to eat fish and chicken, and I’m open to trying new foods.

Nima software hire Paul Pemberton

Paul Pemberton, software engineer

Paul joins Nima with excitement for the remarkable technology and data we’re creating at Nima, as well as being a part of the personal investment that the team brings to work every day. Prior to Nima, Paul worked for the NIH doing DNA sequence alignment and also a blood loss monitoring company during grad school. Most recently, he worked for Proteus Digital Health doing software for a medical adherence tracking technology company. He has experience in software, biomedical engineering, research and project leadership/market analysis. At Nima, he’s looking to take the software technology to the next level and allow for scalability. He also encourages insights and suggestions from all the eaters out there using Nima.

Food identity: GARLIC!!! I absolutely love eating garlic and am a firm believer that almost any food is made better by adding garlic to it. I’m lucky in that I don’t have many food restrictions, but I still try hard to eat healthy and to be extra conscious when cooking for my friends (some of who have severe food allergies).

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