Since its inception, Nima has been on the forefront of food transparency, pushing the boundaries of the data and information available to consumers. As part of this mission, we strive to continuously improve our product offerings and enhance your Nima experience. We recently informed our community members that we would be releasing a new firmware update that would replace “low/high gluten” with “gluten found” on the device. We are excited to announce this firmware update will be rolled out starting today via the iOS app.

Nima firmware update: Nima device with updated smile next to a smartphone

This new firmware provides:

  • Shorter test time: Test time will be up to 30 seconds faster so you can enjoy your meal sooner.
  • Longer display time: Results will display for three minutes after a test is complete, so you don’t miss seeing the smile or the gluten found. You can also press the button to begin a new test at any time once you’ve seen your result.
  • Close capsule notification: More than 25 percent of test errors are due to community members not closing the capsule all the way. Nima will now notify new community members if the cap is not screwed on all the way.
  • Gluten found replaces “low/high gluten”: as mentioned, we are combining low and high gluten ranges to clear up any confusion around how much gluten is in your food. Please note, because of Nima’s sensitivity, in some tests the gluten detected may be below 20 ppm. Nima will display “gluten found” at any level, but the chemistry is optimized for 20 ppm. The information and test results you see in the iOS app will be updated in two phases:
    • Phase 1: All high gluten results will now be displayed as low gluten results.
    • Phase 2 (Summer 2017): All low gluten results will become gluten found, consistent with what is shown on the sensor itself.
  • Smile facelift: Nima is even happier than before when food is gluten-free, and the “gluten found” symbol is sleeker. All the Nima icons have been updated with a new design to enhance readability.

We’re delighted about this release and and know that these improvements will positively impact your Nima experience.

Please visit our FAQs on the firmware update for more questions. If you have any questions about specific test results, please reach out to us at

How to get the firmware update


iOS users

Nima community members with the iOS app will automatically be notified when your app has received the firmware update. You will then be prompted to sync your Nima to get this update. If you have not yet downloaded the Nima app (compatible on both iPhones and iPads), you can do so now.

Android users

We are developing the Nima Android app, targeted for release in May. Please fill out this form to enroll in the beta and submit your phone type, and we will reach out in just a few weeks, at the end of April, when the program launches with instructions to download and update firmware.

Non iOS/Android users

We’re so excited about all of these changes that we are doing a special program to ensure that all of our community members can get this update. If you do not own an iOS or Android device to download either app to update your firmware, we are offering an advanced exchange program. We will mail a replacement device to you with a paid return label for you to send us your original device back (credit card number required). You will receive an email upon receipt of the original device to confirm. Your credit card will only be charged if the original device isn’t returned within two weeks. Please email us at to request an advanced exchange.

We remain committed to our mission to provide meaningful data to consumers so they can better navigate real-world dining situations with special dietary needs.