Is it really gluten-free? Nima is excited to announce the launch today of a Kickstarter campaign for packaged food reports of common grocery store brands, to see if they truly are gluten-free. Nima’s portable sensor will be used to test popular gluten-free labeled items to determine if they contain gluten.

For one week only, you’ll be able to back this new Nima project that provides gluten-free food test reports on packaged products from three brands: Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods 365, and Costco’s Kirkland Signature Brand. These are some of the top brands people are curious about, and we’re excited to share test results for these products.

You’ll be able to back this project on one of three tiers:

  • Pledge $10: Receive one brand report of 10 items tested for gluten (choose one of the three brands)
  • Pledge $18: Receive two brand reports of 10 items each tested for gluten (choose two of three brands)
  • Pledge $25: Receive all three brand reports of 10 items each tested for gluten plus your name listed as a backer in the reports

Once we’ve closed the campaign, backers will receive a survey link, in which they will be able to select the brand report(s) they are interested in receiving and vote on up to 10 items to be included in the report. The top 10 items selected by the backers will then be tested using Nima by the Nima R&D team to determine if they are really gluten-free.

Food samples will come from a single lot sample that will be highlighted in the report; three tests will be conducted on each item to ensure a broad sample of each product. All results will be available in the report. The report will contain the brand, item name, lot number (as available), and manufacturing date (as available), and the test results.

We’ll do the food testing in early May, write our report, have results delivered to you electronically by the end of May.

As with all food testing, these reports will only show results for these specific products from specific lots purchased at specific stores tested at this one point in time. There may be variation from lot to lot, production site to production site, or from one store location to another. This report provides multiple tests per item and may not be representative of the entire production run of this item or future batches.

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Why Kickstarter?

Nima’s Kickstarter allows us to reach a wide audience. It also allows us to share Nima’s mission with a broader community who may or may not have a free-from diet but who want to support the cause. Kickstarter’s approach, allowing anyone to show support, is a good opportunity to extend the conversation and create awareness.

Why are you running this campaign?

We have run numerous surveys and know that people are very interested in seeing this type of report. We are excited to offer some lab-tested reports to the gluten-free community.

I already have a Nima, should I buy these reports?

We are currently working on updating the Nima app with a packaged foods database to supplement the restaurant reviews currently available. For existing Nima device owners using the app, once it’s updated to share and track packaged foods, the testing results from this Kickstarter campaign will be added to our database for the community to see. If you would like to participate in the voting on the items and see the results of these reports before they are released in the app, you may consider backing this project.

When will packaged food data be available in the Nima app?

Nima will be building out the packaged food side of the app over the next few months, and we hope to launch a packaged food area within the existing Nima app this fall.

Nima Launches Kickstarter