As we put the final touches on our internal data that we are submitting to peer-reviewed journals, we thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the high level information around what went into testing that will soon be shared in this paper. Specific data about Nima’s performance will not be published on the Nima blog until we have published it in a journal.

Our lab is truly where the magic happens behind the scenes. Our research and development team, comprised of five scientists, works not only of the development of the antibodies used in Nima, but also does a ton of testing and validation work.

Gluten Free Spices - photo of Nima's new chemistry lab

Nima’s new chemistry lab

For our gluten validation, we did a lot of dry goods testing – focusing in on gluten-free spices, flours, and grains. Since gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye it was important to test against these items to ensure that our product didn’t provide for any cross-reactivity. It should be noted that finding non-contaminated grains can be difficult. For example, quinoa in the field is often farmed near wheat, which can contaminate the source. Oats are well-known for being contaminated. Other grains that you buy commercially may be milled in a facility that also processes wheat.

Our first order of business in conducting the extensive testing we did (and do) on Nima is sourcing clean grains for testing. Nima R&D Director Dr. Jingqing Zhang was able to source all but one item on the list below from gluten-free sources.

Lab testing can be a laborious business. You must keep meticulous track of what is being tested, in what concentrations, and you must be able to replicate the results. The team has been conducting thousands of tests over the past several years to put Nima through its paces. The work continues for peanut and milk, which will have slightly different lists for testing, based on most likely opportunities for contamination.

We look forward to sharing the full results of our testing against each of these tests when our data is available.

Full list of Spices, Grains, and Flours tested by Nima along with Source of Item

Complete List of Gluten-free Spices, Flours, and Grains Tested by Nima

* We were unable to source pure gluten-free flaxseed.