Consumers are really beginning to take control over their own health – doing research, performing self-advocacy, and finding the tools that help them feel better every day. We have partnered with two other leading companies in this revolution to launch a sweepstakes: Health & Wellness on the Cutting Edge. Each of the companies has a unique spin on how people can look at ways to assess and improve their health and have teamed up to offer one amazing prize package. This prize package includes a Nima starter kit and one refill capsule pack, a food sensitivity test from EverlyWell, and a test kit plus one probiotic from Thryve. More information on each item follows, along with details on how to enter.


EverlyWell is transforming lab testing as the next generation testing platform. EverlyWell provides at-home lab testing kits with easy to understand results. They provide people like you with a simple and easy way to test your food sensitivities, hormones, cholesterol, and much more… all from the comfort of home! Plus, they have custom, easy-to-read results that can be provided to you with the next steps. EverlyWell’s vision is to empower people to have access to their own personalized health and wellness information so they can understand and improve the quality of their health and live happier lives.

Health Wellness Cutting Edge: EverlyWell Food sensitivity kit unpacked. Shows open food sensitivity box with instructions

Do you ever feel like you may have certain symptoms related to foods, such as headaches, stomach pain, diarrhea, or fatigue? Want to try eliminating possible triggers, but not sure where to start?

EverlyWell’s Food Sensitivity test measures your body’s immune response to 96 foods that are commonly found in western diets. The process is simple – you order a test online and a test kit shipped directly to your home with easy-to-follow instructions to guide you on how collect your own sample on your own time. Your results will be available a few days later, with tailored advice about what to do next.

Prize donated by EverlyWell

Health wellness cutting edge: EverlyWell food sensitivity test with collection instruments including lancets and alcohol prep

The winner of the Health & Wellness on the Cutting Edge Sweepstakes will one (1) food sensitivity test from EverlyWell. The value of this food sensitivity test is $199.00.


Nima, a connected food sensor, allows you to test your food on the go, anytime, anywhere for gluten. People who need to avoid gluten now have an extra data point before they take a bite. Nima tests for gluten in liquids and solid foods in just a few minutes. You can also share and search test results in the Nima app from others in the community.

Nima has two components: an electronic sensor and a one-time-use capsule, which contains proprietary chemistry to run the test. First, you take a pea-sized amount of food or liquid and put it into one of the capsules. Twist on the cap, and insert the capsule into the sensor. After pressing start, you’ll wait about three minutes. If Nima detects any gluten, it will display a wheat symbol. If Nima shows a smiley face, the sample is less than 20 parts per million of gluten – the FDA guideline for gluten-free foods.

Health Wellness Cutting Edge: Nima with a bowl of soup and gluten free bread. Nima is smiling.

After testing, Nima syncs with your iPhone via Bluetooth and shares the results with other Nima users across the country in a mobile app, creating a crowdsourced database of gluten-free friendly foods. You can search for restaurants, see your previous test results and find new recommendations nearby.

Nima will be launching a sensor for peanut later in 2017.

Prize donated by Nima

Health Wellness Cutting Edge: Nima Starter Kit unpacked with device, three capsules, pouch, and charging cable

The winner of the Health & Wellness on the Cutting Edge Sweepstakes will win one (1) Nima Starter Kit for gluten containing the sensor, three one-time-use capsules, a charging cable, and a carrying pouch, and one (1) refill capsule pack containing twelve one-time-use capsules. The value of these items is $351.95.


Thryve helps people learn about the microbes inside their body to improve health. They offer a monthly subscription that includes microbiome testing and patented probiotics. Thryve uses 16s rRNA sequencing on the v3-v5 strands of bacteria to gain species level accuracy in the gut. Furthermore, Thryve has developed their own proprietary liquid buffer that provides mode depth and accuracy for sequencing methods vs. traditional dry swabs and antibiotic buffers in other collection methods. Thryve provides insights into bacteria/yeast, intestinal permeability, and dietary/supplement recommendations. Lastly, Thryve has partnered with one of the world’s leading probiotic research and manufacturing companies to co-develop their proprietary 100B CFU and 15 strain probiotic that have shown in studies to improve gastrointestinal health, immune support, and many more.

Health Wellness Cutting Edge: Thryve testing package with one bottle of their patented and proprietary blend probiotics

Prize donated by Thryve

Health Wellness Cutting Edge: Thryve patented and proprietary blend probiotic with a few pills on an orange background

One microbiome test plus one patented and proprietary blend probiotic. The value of these items is $189.

How to Enter Health & Wellness on the Cutting Edge

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All you have to do is provide your first and last name, along with your email address. Official rules are provided on the contest entry form. Contest ends August 15, 2017. Please note that this sweepstakes in not available in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island or Maryland.