SXSW food and health panelpicker sessions

Can you believe we’re already thinking about SXSW 2018 at Nima? All the submissions for PanelPicker sessions went live for public voting yesterday, and we’re getting psyched for all the potential for food, health and wellness content. We already combed through the submissions and selected the panels we’re excited to see. Cast your votes by August 25 to make sure your favorite topics get selected!


Health & Wellness

  • Regulating the Digital Health Revolution – innovation moves fast, but the health care industry often moves slowly. Digital health has brought tension between regulatory bodies and startups bringing new tools to consumers looking to improve their health. Join Nima CEO Shireen Yates, Thryve CEO Richard Lin and EverlyWell CEO Julia Cheek for a discussion around how startups can work with regulatory bodies while still innovating at the speed of demand.
  • Designing Healthcare: Putting People & Health First – we’re strong believers of customer-centric design at Nima, so any advice and tips on how we can better design for health are welcome.
  • Biohacking Entrepreneurs: the Road to Health – Nima co-founder Scott Sundvor recently went on a personal journey to healing himself after struggling with his worst ulcerative colitis symptoms in years. Scott will give a frank and inspirational talk about balancing your health while building a company.
  • Disruptive Technologies in Healthcare – AI, VR, blockchain, big data: stay on top of the tech that’s impacting healthcare tomorrow.
  • Rx: Download This App – could an app replace a prescription drug? We are very curious to find out.
  • Food for Fodor’s: Staying Healthy on the Road – we travel a lot, so we’re hoping for any tips we can use to maintain our health on the road.

What other sessions are you voting for?