Starbucks gluten-free breakfast sandwich

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No one was more excited than we were to hear about the Starbucks gluten-free breakfast sandwich! Starbucks has become an integral part of life these days, with coffee and pastries available on almost every corner. But if you’re gluten-free, you know that sometimes large chains with innumerable locations can differ in their food safety training. 

We’ve looked at a lot of the best practices here when it comes to breakfast foods, things like separate appliances, gluten-free specific utensils, and toaster sleeves. We wanted to know, in a busy environment like Starbucks, how careful are they with some of these practices. What steps have they taken to make this new gluten-free offering safe for customers? So of course we grabbed our Nima and went to find out!

Thankfully, Starbucks is way ahead of the game on this product. When we arrived at the store, we specifically ordered the gluten-free breakfast sandwich by name, and stressed to our barista that we were ordering this specifically for someone with an extreme gluten sensitivity. We didn’t use the word celiac, but we were happy when they did. When we asked about the process and handling of the sandwich, the barista brought one over, pre-cooked, for us to see. He insured us that the sandwiches were safe “even for people with celiac” because they had been completely prepared offsite. True enough, the Starbucks website even states that the sandwiches are “all prepared in a certified gluten-free environment and sealed for your safety.” The sandwiches are sealed in a toaster-safe paper package, completely airtight, in the facility where they are made. They are then warmed in that package. We felt pretty confident ordering it, but we always like to have Nima take the first bite.

When the sandwich came out, we were pleased to see that it was still sealed in it’s package after toasting. It was hot, but there was no sign that the package had been breached in any way. At this point, we figured the only risk of cross-contamination would have had to come from the production facility itself, before the sandwich was sealed up. However, be careful of touching the toaster bag that has touched the shared toaster. Wash your hands before handling and eating the sandwich. 

“It’s all prepared in a certified gluten-free environment and sealed for your safety. We then warm it in its own oven-safe parchment bag to avoid any cross-contamination.” – via

The gluten-free ciabatta roll is made from a mix of gluten-free flours, such as rice flour, tapioca starch and corn flour, which gives it a pretty good texture and doesn’t fall apart like breads made from straight rice flour.

Starbucks gluten-free breakfast sandwich #nimatested

We tested a bit of the bread, egg and Canadian bacon – Nima gave us a smile! We’ve also found that 100% of the Starbucks gluten-free breakfast sandwiches that have been #nimatested and logged in the Nima app have tested gluten-free.

While we don’t expect to eat these every day, it’s great to know that if you’re in a rush or traveling, you can take a quick Nima test and be on your way with a hot gluten-free breakfast!

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