8 Days of Gluten-free Products for Hanukkah: candles

As people across the world begin their Hanukkah 5778 celebration we wanted to share eight gluten-free products for Hanukkah with our whole community. We’ve curated some of our favorite useful and fun items and resources to help you through the holiday season.

Chag Sameach!

1. Purely Elizabeth Gluten-free Granola – We just love this granola in the Nima office! Each flavor is unique. Chocolate Sea Salt is one of our favorites – just the right combination of crunch, sweetness and saltiness and is good with yogurt, ice cream or just by itself!

2. GF Latkes! In case you missed it, Amy from What Jew Wanna Eat has created this exclusive recipe of incredibly delicious gluten-free latkes for the Nima community. Latkes are a potato pancake traditionally enjoyed during Hanukkah.

3. Popcorn Machine! We love popcorn and find it to be a very versatile snack. Eat it pure and natural or mix it with M&M’s or other fun toppings! For many families who celebrate Hanukkah, movie and Chinese food is Christmas Eve tradition – why not add some yummy home-popped popcorn?

4. Get the kids sculpting and playing with these gluten-free play doughs. If you prefer to buy, try this Aroma Dough, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free play dough. AAAAI also has this GF play dough recipe you can easily make at home and uses only five ingredients, or try an edible version for those that like to taste and try. Just remember to make sure the food coloring is allergen-free.

5. Need help ensuring you stay GF at work? Arm yourself with a “Gluten-Free” Mug to help others at work know that 1) this is your mug and 2) this mug is not to be used a cereal bowl.

6. Family visiting for the holidays? Need a reminder to not contaminate your GF toaster? This simple and cute toaster cover will help them remember. 🙂

7. Gluten-free food and recipes can get expensive, but we found Gluten-Free On A Shoestring  by Nicole Hunn to have some awesome budget friendly recipes on hand.

8. Gluten-free resources – some of the best resources for GF living can be found on sites such as celiac.org.


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8 Days of Gluten-free Products for Hanukkah