Gluten-free candy: Nima goes to the movies - Episode II Yoda

The Nima team went to see “Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi” last night. All we can say is…wow. But what truly made our night spectacular was having Nima by our side to test some more movie theater candy. We previously tested a bunch of favorite candies for the Oscars, and we picked up a few more candies that we were curious about. Find out the gluten-free candy results below!

Sour Patch Kids

We previously tested the watermelon version, so we wanted to know if the classic kids would be gluten-free.

Sour Patch Kids gluten-free

Result: Smile!

So whether you like your Sour Patch Kids, original or watermelon, either are chewy gluten-free treats.

Haribo Gold-Bears

We love gummies as the perfect candy to chew furiously as we stress-eat during Star Wars, but the label on these Haribo bears said the glucose syrup was derived from wheat or corn. Which was it? We tested to find out.

Haribo Gold Bears gluten-free

Result: Smile!

This particular package tested gluten-free – so it seems that these delicious bears were made from corn!


Can you taste the rainbow if you’re gluten-free? The box says yes, so let’s see what Nima says.

Skittles gluten-free

Result: Smile!

We don’t need a pot of gold because this rainbow is tasty and gluten-free.

• • •

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*Nima pro tip – When testing gummy or really chewy items, remember to keep the sample size small so you don’t clog the capsule.

Gluten-free candy: Nima goes to the movies - Episode II

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Gluten-free candy: Nima goes to the movies - Episode II