Nima CEO Shireen Yates

2017 was a historic year for Nima.

My team jokes that I say every year will be the most remarkable year for the company (well, I really say this every month), but 2017 was special because after three years of development, we officially launched the Nima Gluten Sensor to the public and have shipped thousands to gluten-free people like you in the U.S and Canada!

Our Nima community has generated tens of thousands of test results in the Nima iOS app and grew our Nima community on social platforms.  

What we accomplished with our community. We asked our community to reflect on the past year of using Nima, and here are four sentiments that are shared by well over 50 percent of our members. Because of Nima, they feel:

  • Healthier this year
  • More confident about the food that’s going into their bodies
  • Found it easier to be more social
  • Have been more adventurous trying new food products and restaurants

Scott and I started Nima because we both have food sensitivities and had to actively avoid specific ingredients in order to stay healthy. It was very challenging to avoid those foods when eating socially outside the home. The experience of many of our Nima community members validates that Nima has the potential of expanding your world, by giving you the confidence to try foods and new restaurants, while remaining active, social and ultimately healthy!

The thousands of Nima community members are pioneering the uncharted territory of consumer food testing – they are explorers and the collective test results can benefit millions of people. The information generated by Nima tests is not only helping the individual Nima tester, but it’s also helping restaurants and packaged food companies change their operations to improve the chances of serving a truly gluten-free product. These stories stand out to me as I reflect on the value our Nima community is creating for each other and the world:

  • Erica highlighted how Nima found unexpected gluten in a dedicated gluten-free restaurant dish and the restaurant was able to identify the ingredient to prevent future contamination issues.
  • Stephanie kept her family healthy amid misinformation from a waiter about shared fryers.
  • Joe explored Europe with Nima in tow and stayed gluten-free in Italy – world capital of pasta and pizza!
  • Sarah was able to enjoy a food she hadn’t had since being diagnosed with celiac disease.
  • The hundreds of stories and shared experiences of gluten-free community members feeling more freedom to travel and explore with Nima

What’s to come. We are focused on how we leverage our data and make it easier for our community to make better eating decisions.

  • In 2018, we will improve the current Nima experience by making the test data more accessible and actionable for our users, and continuously working on improving the food testing experience
  • Nima Peanut Sensor is in development and coming soon
  • A few more surprises…we can’t give everything away!

Thank you for your generous support and investment in the Nima experience. We are so excited for what 2018 has in store for our community. Here’s to many new adventures in the new year with more data to make smarter decisions about what we are eating!