Food-Free Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with the Day of Love and has its origins in ancient Rome and the feast of Lupercalia. For those with food sensitivities or allergies, dining out can be more anxiety inducing rather than romantic, especially if you’re navigating a new relationship and don’t feel like explaining your dietary needs just yet with your valentine. So, we’ve come up with some ideas for fun and romantic ways to celebrate the day that don’t include food!

Couples Massage

Massages offer a lot of benefits, including reducing anxiety, helping ease digestion and battling insomnia, plus it can be a romantic activity to do with your partner. Tack on some spa services, and you can make it an evening of pampering for you both.


As American as apple pie, bowling offers a fun (gluten-free) game that can spark some healthy competition between you, too. Plus, you can also enjoy it with another couple or two and make it a fun night for all.

Romantic Comedy Movie or Play

Watching a movie on the big screen or a live action play can be a special treat since it gets us away from the TV (enough Netflix and chilling, honey!) and feeling the emotions of the story in a bigger and more emotional way. Who doesn’t love a love story?

Escape Room or Scavenger Hunt

It can be fun to work together to solve a puzzle of find clues and get an immediate reward. The couple that solves together, stays together!

Mini Golf or Bumper Cars

“Adulting” doesn’t always involve playing games, but on this day it can be! Mini-golf or bumper cars/go karts are fun that can unleash the kid inside!

Watch the Sunset or Gaze at The Stars

Mother Nature puts on the best show every night, and sometimes it’s the simplest things that can produce the most joy. Take some time out of the busyness of the day and take in the natural art all around you.

Live Music

Music has the ability to boost your mood by releasing dopamine, the reward hormone, so it can be a great option for some romance and fun. Add in some dancing for an endorphin release and you’ll both be feeling great by the end of the night!


Museums offer us beautiful collections of art and history that we often skip in our daily lives just to get those errands done. Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to experience the culture and beauty museums have to offer!

Ice Skating, Skiing or Sledding

Winter is only a few months of the year so it could be a great idea to take advantage of the season with some ice skating, skiing or sledding. Go visit a rink or your nearest snowy area!

Exercise Class

Whether it’s yoga, kickboxing or crossfit, it can be fun to exercise together. Exercise releases endorphins, which is the feel-good hormone.

Photo Shoot

Nothing says, “We love each other!” more than a cute picture for Instagram. Hiring a photographer to remember your special day can be a great way to hold onto the memory and decorate your walls.


Some say that paying it forward is the best gift you can give yourself. Whether it’s volunteering at a home for senior citizens or in a children’s hospital ward, you can help spread some love and cheer together for others who may not have a love-filled Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day offers you a great time to try something new, explore and get creative. Share your special Valentine’s Day ideas with us on Instagram and Twitter!

Food-Free Valentine’s Day Date Ideas