Nima Peanut Sensor - testing

Before launching the Nima Peanut Sensor, the device is going through extensive testing by individuals who must avoid peanuts. We loved hearing from the testers how Nima has affected their lives, their families lives, and overall improved their quality of life. As we get closer to launching the peanut sensor we wanted to share with you some of the findings from the beta community!

Meet the beta community

Two thirds of testers were children (ages 2 to 18) testing with their parents’ supervision, while one third were adults. All testers were spread across the United States coming from diverse backgrounds. Though the testers were geographically diverse many things in common including the food they wanted to test. Before receiving Nima the top food items they wanted to test were mostly from restaurants due to the majority of incidents happening there.

Some of the top tested items including the reasons for testing were:

Nima Peanut Sensor

Feeling more relaxed

After using Nima for a couple of weeks most of our beta testers reported feeling more relaxed and less stressed when eating out. One person mentioned that they “feel less trapped into eating at home.” Further, a sense of control over choice and meals became apparent to parents with most children. One parent told us that her child was able to choose a baked good from a bakery for the first time in their lives, test it, and enjoy eating the item! Nima helped expand the food options the community was comfortable to try.

Continuous improvements

With all the information from our beta testing community, we are now able to continue to improve the Nima Peanut Sensor such that it runs test at a high confidence level (read our blog about Nima’s latest testing at 10 ppm) as well as complete the test more quickly to ensure people can eat their food sooner. We’re excited to continue to get the sensor ready for shipping later this year!

Nima Peanut Sensor