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If you’re thinking of traveling for spring break, or are planning a trip for the near future we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of 9 popular cities that we’ve created #nimatested gluten-free dining guides for!


Gluten-free South Florida

gluten-free city: South Florida

Let’s take a trip to the sandy shores of Florida – a popular destination spot for spring breakers everywhere! We asked South Florida locals in the Nima community to share their #nimatested favorites of gluten-free South Florida eats! (Tropical drinks and SPF not included.) Read more→

gluten-free city

Gluten-free Disney Springs

gluten-free city: Disney Springs

Speaking of Florida, how about Disney Springs? Recently known as Downtown Disney, Disney Springs is a shopping, dining and entertainment complex outside of the four main theme parks. With the renaming came a plethora of new restaurants and shops in which to indulge without the need for park admission. We put the restaurants and bakeries to the Nima test to bring you the best of gluten-free Disney Springs dining. Read more→

gluten-free city

Gluten-free Las Vegas

gluten-free city: Las Vegas

Las Vegas – famous for its expansive dining experiences, with a variety of cuisine types and ambience to satisfy your every craving. Whether you’re looking for comfort food, romantic atmosphere, or looking to overindulge at a buffet, we’ve gathered our favorite #nimatested gluten-free restaurants in Las Vegas below! Read more→

gluten-free city

Gluten-free New York

gluten-free city: New York

New York City – there’s something for everyone in the city that never sleeps. French food, Brazilian, burgers, baked goods, farm-to-table, upscale and takeaway…the possibilities are endless for safe GF eats! We #nimatested some of Manhattan’s eateries most well-known for gluten-free options. Read more→

gluten-free city

Gluten-free Disneyland

gluten-free city: Disneyland

Disneyland may not be on the official list of United States cities, but it certainly feels like a city of it’s own. Disney Parks are becoming known as quite accommodating for those with special dietary needs. We took to the fantastic streets of Disneyland and #nimatested (and approved) some tasty gluten-free meals.  Read more→

gluten-free city

Gluten-free Nashville

gluten-free city: Nashville

Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., and a great place to live and visit! With over 20 colleges and universities, there’s an abundance of budget-friendly options for any student or family. Our community member Valerie Kraft tested 7 restaurants here – with all meals costing under $20! Read more→

gluten-free city

Gluten-free Austin

gluten-free city: Austin

When in town for several expos, the Nima Team did a lot of testing at various gluten-free Austin restaurants that were recommended to us because of their accommodations. Unfortunately, Austin wasn’t the easiest city to navigate for gluten-free food. We had some successful dining experiences, and some not so successful dining experiences. Read more→

gluten-free city

Gluten-free Phoenix

gluten-free city: Phoenix

One of our biggest #nimatested city dining guides to date! Our community member Michelle Bock went all out for this guide and #nimatested a total of 25 restaurants. She got a mix of smiles and gluten found results – find out what she tested! Read more→

gluten-free city

Gluten-free Minneapolis

gluten-free city: Minneapolis

Minneapolis – there are lots of great gluten-free food finds in the Twin Cities. Nima community member Stephanie Anderson went on the hunt and reported back to us with her favorite #nimatested and approved meals. Read more→

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What are some other cities you would like to see get #nimatested? Let us know!