gluten-free restaurants Nima Android App

We’re excited to announce that the long awaited restaurant search and restaurant dish logging features are now available for Android.

Whether you own Nima or not, you can use the Nima app for Android or iOS to search for gluten-free restaurants near you that have been tested with Nima. Here’s a highlight on some of our favorite features:

Browse around

gluten-free restaurants Nima App 1

Scroll, zoom, and tap on restaurants near you or search for cities you might want to visit for your next vacation. You can even search food types or dishes to find restaurants that have been tested with Nima.

See details

gluten-free restaurants Nima App 2

Once you tap into a restaurant, you can see all the reviews contributed by the community. Tap on the the review to see more details. In addition you can check for restaurant information such as their website or open hours.

Make the call

gluten-free restaurants Nima App 2

By tapping the map, you can get directions. If you’re ready to make a reservation, you can even call the restaurant through the Nima app!

Packaged Foods

Log your Nima tests

gluten-free restaurants Nima App packaged food

Contributing tests is now easy with suggested brands and dishes. Just start typing the first few letters and Nima will give you the best match!

Search for your favorite brands

gluten-free restaurants Nima App Packaged Foods 2

Searching for packaged foods in the app is also easy with with updated database and suggested text fields. Note: packaged food search is coming in the next major update for Android.

10,000+ Gluten-Free Restaurants

The Nima app restaurant and packaged foods listing continues to grow everyday. If you don’t see gluten-free restaurants near you or still wondering about a packaged food item, there’s a good chance the item will show up the next time you check. But why wait, you can own a Nima and test everything you’re curious about anytime, anywhere. The Nima community is grateful for your test contributions!

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