Nima Gluten-Free Tacos Peanut Free tacos - Tacolicious

For Cinco de Mayo weekend, we’re continuing last year’s tradition and having another Nima fiesta by visiting some of our local taquerias. However, this year we’re bringing along the Peanut Sensor to test tacos for both gluten and peanut!

The Nima HQ is located near the historic Mission District of San Francisco. We’re surrounded by dozens of taquerias serving up some of the world’s best tacos and burritos. Since burritos are traditionally wrapped with flour tortillas and tacos are served on corn tortillas, we’re sticking to gluten-free tacos for our Nima fiesta.

We selected six of our team’s favorite taquerias for a Nima gluten-free taco crawl. At each location, we ordered one chicken and one beef taco on a corn tortilla with salsa. For each test, we took a piece from both top and bottom of the tortilla, a piece of meat and a bit of the salsa.

Pancho Villa San Francisco

Nima Gluten-Free Tacos Peanut Free tacos Pancho Villa

Our first stop was Pancho Villa, which is always very busy for the lunch and dinner rush.

When we tested the tacos last year we found gluten, but this year our tests were gluten and peanut free. This is a good example for why you should always test with Nima, as restaurant results can change over time

Taqueria La Cumbre in San Francisco

Nima Gluten-Free Tacos Peanut Free tacos - La Cumbre

The Mission-style burrito (Chipotle, Qdoba, etc) was invented at La Cumbre in the 60s (self-proclaimed). The beef and chicken tacos showed gluten-free and peanut-free with Nima.

Tacolicious San Francisco

Nima Gluten-Free Tacos Peanut Free tacos-Tacolicious2

More for a date than a quick bite, Tacolicious is a modern bar that serves up unique tacos. We ordered the chili verde chicken and carne asada steak tacos. The staff was able to show us which side salsas contained gluten or not. They also mentioned there were no peanut present in the kitchen. The tacos as plated were gluten-free and peanut-free.

La Taqueria San Francisco

Nima Gluten-Free Tacos Peanut Free tacos-La Taqueria

The busiest and most crowded taqueria! Bring cash for both the large tacos and the Mariachi band that’s playing inside. The tacos are also bigger here. Both tacos were gluten and peanut free.

El Farolito San Francisco

Nima Gluten-Free Tacos Peanut Free tacos - El Farolito

Definitely one of the more popular late night taco joints in the area. There’s always a debate whether or not El Farolito or La Taqueria has the better beef tacos. Although we found the tacos to be peanut free, just like our tests last year, Nima showed the gluten symbol on both the chicken and beef tacos.

El Tepa Taqueria San Francisco

Nima Gluten-Free Tacos Peanut Free tacos - El Tepa

Located just 2 blocks away from Nima, there’s a good chance someone from the office is in line for a chicken salad, burrito, or a taco plate from El Tepa on any given day. While the food at El Tepa has been numerously tested for gluten (by the GF team members at Nima) this was the first time trying out the peanut sensor and we saw a smile from both the chicken and beef tacos!

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What’s your favorite taqueria?

If you’re an SF local, did your favorite taqueria make our list? And for our nationwide community friends who may visit the Bay Area, make sure to give some of these historic locations a try.

Note: As with all our guides, always use precaution when dining out. The ingredients or staff can be different day by day and a Nima test does not guarantee the whole plate. Bring your Nima along with extra capsules and always let Nima take the first bite!