Breaking Bread: Danialle Casey

Danialle Casey is a celiac warrior who lives in Chicago, Illinois. She has been fighting celiac disease for 3 years and is an active member of the Nima community. You can follow her on her Instagram (@dnikkic).

What’s your food identity?

I am Celiac, diagnosed 3 years ago through a biopsy.

How do you maintain your food identity?

I have a completely GF kitchen.  My family for the most part eats what I eat with the occasional take-out (which stays in the dining room).  I carry my Nima with me wherever I go, and use it quite often. I make all of my own food for any family functions or get togethers with friends.  

What are some of your hobbies or interests?

I love to scrapbook, watch my kids play baseball, football, or wrestle.  I am currently loving my new puppy!

What do you test with your Nima?

I test anything that I did not make myself.  Anytime we go out, I test my plate. I test packaged food that I am unsure if it is GF.  I test my coffee from Dunkin’ to make sure it is ok before I enjoy a cup.

Just the other day I went to Six flags in Gurnee, Illinois yesterday with my son. Afterwards we went to a restaurant that answered questions, had separate equipment, etc. Nima saved me!!!!

Breaking Bread - gluten found

What was your food life like before you had your Nima?

Food life before Nima was scary.  I was constantly getting sick and never wanted to go out to eat.  I felt like I had no social life and that I was preventing my boys or my boyfriend from having one too.  It felt like a continuous cycle of feel better, eat something, feel horrible for 10 days, repeat.

What’s your food life like now that you have Nima?

FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!  Nima is a lifesaver.  I feel as though I can eat with confidence.  I have the tool that I needed in order to enjoy life again.

Breaking Bread: Danialle and Marissa McCaw

Danialle and Marissa McCaw staffing the Nima booth at the GFAF Expo in Schaumburg!

If you can only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hands down, Gummy Bears (Albanese to be exact).  They are my kryptonite and I was very happy to find that they are GF! It doesn’t help my addiction that the factory is only a short drive from my house either!

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Breaking Bread

Thank you for sharing your story Danialle!

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