A Father Keeps His Family Peanut-Free With The Nima Peanut Sensor: Jeremy and his wife
Jeremy Scott is a new member of the Nima community who pre-ordered the upcoming peanut sensor and participated in Beta-testing.  We asked this dad of 2 to share his story with the Nima community.

Hi Jeremy, thanks for sharing your story with the Nima community! Can I first ask where you live?

I live in Madison, Wisconsin.

Why did you pre-order a Nima Peanut Sensor?

We ordered the Nima Peanut Sensor because my son has a fairly severe peanut allergy.

 A Father Keeps His Family Peanut-Free With The Nima Peanut Sensor: putting ketchup on chicken

How does your family avoid peanuts in or out of the house right now?

We read labels, inform servers and cooks at restaurants, and pray.

What are some of your family’s favorite hobbies activities?

We are very active in our church, so we are involved in all of the activities there. We also enjoy metal detecting, park hopping (going to as many city parks we can find in an afternoon), playing basketball, and going out to eat.

During your beta testing period, what did you test with your Nima Peanut Sensor?

We tested several foods from a variety of restaurants. Breads were tested most often since they are often difficult to guarantee they’re free from peanuts.  We also tested some desserts because it was a great excuse to order them at the restaurant.

 A Father Keeps His Family Peanut-Free With The Nima Peanut Sensor: eating bread

What was your food life like before you had your Nima?

Reading a lot of labels and asking people what they used in their food preparation. Even though my son is only four years old, he is proactive about asking if foods are safe for him.

His older sister is also vigilant to ask about foods – partly because she loves her brother and partly because she loves to think she is in charge. Unfortunately, my son has had to refrain from several foods at social gatherings because we were just not willing to risk him having an allergic reaction to foods that we weren’t certain about.

What will your food life be like now that you have your Nima?

Much of the same. However, we will be able to test those questionable foods at social gatherings and my son will be able to join in on the fun!

Do you talk about Nima to friends and family? What do they think of your new device? 

We have talked to friends about it and they are happy for us and amazed at the technology now available to people with severe food allergies. We have not yet talked to doctors about the Nima Sensor but will in the future.

When using Nima at restaurants, what has been your experience?

It’s been a very good experience! The ability to test any foods has been liberating and fun!

 A Father Keeps His Family Peanut-Free With The Nima Peanut Sensor: smiling Nima and kid with sub sandwich

What advice do you have for other dads with kids with allergies. 

Parenting is hard. It takes a lot of patience, love, and involvement. This is true whether our children have allergies or not. We should be involved in our children’s lives. We should know their strengths and weakness, likes, and dislikes.

Adding a severe allergy just adds another layer of vigilance required of us dads. It’s what we are called to do…my advice: embrace our calling to love and lead our children. Instead of seeing allergies as another burden to bear, we should see them as an additional platform to love and guide our children.

 A Father Keeps His Family Peanut-Free With The Nima Peanut Sensor: Family Photo

Bonus question: If you can only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Peanuts and cashews…can’t eat them anymore since my son is allergic to them! ☺

Bonus question: If you can only use one spice or condiment what would it be?

The Campfire Sauce at Red Robin. That stuff is amazing…probably illegal in a few countries.

Bonus question: If your family can only choose one restaurant for the rest of your life where would it be?

If it were up to me, Red Robin. If it were up to my son, Pizza Ranch or Marco’s Pizza. If it were up to my daughter, Cheesecake Factory. And if it were up to my wife, any Mediterranean restaurant. As you can see, we have great family unity on restaurant selections! ☺

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Thank you Jeremy, for sharing your story! Read more about the upcoming
Nima Peanut Sensor and share this with your friends and family who are staying away from peanut.