gluten-free Kansas City

Welcome to Kansas City! It’s hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and you’re never more than five miles away from really great BBQ…with great gluten-free options!

With several gluten-free team members who love their Nima Sensors, the staff at Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Jewelry had a great time visiting some of our favorite KC restaurants to bring you this gluten-free dining guide to Kansas City.

Chicken N Pickle

gluten-free Kansas City - Nima at Chicken N Pickle

Pictured: NKC Powerbowl with Nima + Lauren’s Hope Rose Gold Tone Filigree Medical ID Cuff and Celebration Medical ID Bracelet

Location: 1761 Burlington St. North Kansas City, MO 64116

#nimatested Dishes: NKC Powerbowl

Notes: If you haven’t tried Chicken N Pickle, you are definitely missing out. Located in North Kansas City, Chicken N Pickle has 8 pickleball courts, indoor and outdoor dining areas, outdoor lawn games (think Giant Battleship and Giant Jenga!), as well as fire pits, a bar, and even food trucks! This pet- and kid-friendly KC destination is always hopping when the weather is nice, as locals enjoy games of pickleball and then relax, playing lawn games and sharing good eats while the Royals play on the big screen.


We stopped in for lunch recently, and we tested their NKC Powerbowl and got a smiley face from our Nima Sensor! This bowl usually comes with quinoa and farro, so we ordered it without farro (which is not gluten-free). On their menu, the restaurant has cute red chicken footprints on wheat icons to denote their, “gluten-free option available” items. The list was pretty extensive and included tacos, wings, salads, rotisserie chicken, and lots of sides. We didn’t test them all, but we love how gluten-free friendly this menu is!

The Rockhill Grille

gluten-free Kansas City - Rockhill grille

Pictured: Smiling Nima + Lauren’s Hope Golden Filigree Medical ID Cuff and Gold Tone Gardenia Medical ID Tag.

Location: 2000 Grand Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64108

#nimatested Dishes: Smoked Salmon Appetizer (substituting the crostini for extra veggies)

Notes: The Rockhill Grille is one of our absolute favorite spots in town, especially when the weather is nice and Rockhill opens their huge windows for a great breeze. With a distinctly upscale vibe, The Rockhill Grille is casual KC elegance at its best. During a recent dinner out, we #nimatested their smoked salmon appetizer (substituting the crostini for extra veggies) and got a smiley face result on our Nima!

The Mixx

gluten-free Kansas City - The Mixx

Location: Plaza locationDowntown location, and Hawthorne location.

#nimatested Dishes: Health Nut Salad and the Garden of Eden Salad.

Notes: One of our go-to lunch spots for great gluten-free options, The Mixx has three Kansas City area locations and is terrific for dining in or grabbing something quick to go. We especially love the “GF” designations throughout their menu, which make it even easier to stay gluten-free while dining out.

Don’t mind our “half a smiley” here. It just means our flash was being funny! Mixx definitely gets a full-smiley from our Nima Sensor. We tested both the Health Nut Salad and the Garden of Eden Salad, both of which came up smiling. This is extra impressive because Mixx is set up in an assembly-line manner, where customers order at the counter and walk along as their salad moves through the process, which would normally be a red flag for cross-contamination. But this team uses fresh bowls and utensils for each salad, and in addition to our Nima smiles during this visit, we can report that none of our GF team members has experienced a reaction here during any of our many visits.

Gram & Dun

gluten-free Kansas City - Gram & Dun

Location: Country Club Plaza 600 Ward Parkway Kansas City, MO 64112

#nimatested Dishes: Shrimp & Grits.

Notes: A Kansas City fave for special occasions and Plaza-area people-watching alike, Gram & Dun is an upscale eatery with elegant indoor and outdoor dining spaces. Gram & Dun is part of the Bread & Butter Concepts family of KC restaurants, which includes BRGR Kitchen + Bar, which has some of the best gluten-free burger buns anywhere!

We went to Gram & Dun and had one of their specialties: Shrimp and Grits, which is listed as a gluten-free option on the menu and tested gluten-free with our Nima. The menu lists many dishes as gluten-free OR as having a gluten-free option available, which was super helpful. We were excited to have several gluten-free dishes at our table, all of which we tested with our Nima, and all of which returned cool smiley face results! In our experience, when these guys say it’s gluten-free, Nima agrees!

First Watch: The Daytime Cafe

gluten-free Kansas City - First Watch: The Daytime Cafe

Pictured: Nima with a smile + Lauren’s Hope Filigree Medical ID Cuff and Oval Border Medical ID Tag.

Location: Nationwide.

#nimatested Dishes: Avocado Toast.

Notes: For breakfast meetings or a quick lunch, we really enjoy the made-to-order, always-fresh options over at First Watch. With 10 locations in the greater Kansas City area (and many more beyond!) this chain still manages to feel like a locally owned breakfast spot, making diners feel welcome and comfortable. This time around, we tested their Avocado Toast on toasted gluten-free bread, which was both delish and Nima approved! We tested the accompanying eggs for good measure, and they got a thumbs up too!

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