gluten-free workout snacks

With summer in full swing, we know this is the time for many folks to get back into a workout routine, start training for their next race, or finally conquer that challenging hike on their bucket list. Being active, especially when it’s hot out, means it’s super important to replenish with liquids as you sweat and fuel up with healthy, allergen-safe snacks that will strengthen your body for future workouts. Whether you’re a long-time gym rat or just now finding your way into fitness, if you’re gluten-free, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of some of our favorite gluten-free snacks and energy drinks perfect for packing on your next active adventure. 

Gluten-free Energy Supplements

GU Energy Gels

Looking for a portable dose of energy while you’re on the move? GU Energy gels are ideal for daily training or competitions and help you sustain energy levels as you sweat. These 100-calorie packs are loaded with amino acids, sodium, and caffeine to keep you going strong in your workout. All GU gels are gluten-free, kosher, and come in a variety of creative flavors, including Toasted Marshmallow, Gingerade, Birthday Cake, and Mandarin Orange.

Jelly Belly Sport Beans and Extreme Sport Beans

Don’t be fooled: these jelly beans may look and taste like candy, but they are packed with vitamins and electrolytes to boost energy levels during the most grueling workout. To get the most out of each pack, energize 30 minutes before you exercise and consume with water. Extreme Sport Beans have added caffeine, so be sure to keep these out of reach from kids!

Gluten-free Energy Drinks

Skratch Labs Sport Hydration Drink Mix

Many of the most popular athletic drinks surprisingly contain gluten, but this tasty one from Skratch Labs does not. Designed to replace electrolytes lost during exercise, this powdered mix is available in single-serve packets (ideal for on-the-go workouts) as well as 20 and 60 serving bags. Try all their dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan flavors: Lemon & Lime, Strawberries, Oranges, Passionfruit, and Matcha Green Tea & Lemon.

Nuun Electrolyte Water Enhancer

One of the best parts about this sports drink is that it’s super convenient for traveling, which means you’ll be hydrated wherever your activity takes you. Available in refreshing flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon, and Tropical Fruit (among many more), each tube of Nuun contains 10 tablets that are low in sugar and calories and easily dissolve in water. In addition to these electrolyte-boosting tablets, Nuun offers other water-enhancing mixes that target immunity, vitamins, and athletic performance.

Muscle Milk Protein Shakes

These popular shake tastes great as they give you a jolt of protein before or after you workout to help rebuild strength. Whether you’re a marathon runner like Marissa or simply trying to incorporate more protein into your diet, Muscle Milk offers a variety of protein shakes to fit your activity level. Committed to using high-quality ingredients and key nutrients, all Muscle Milk products are safe and free of banned substances.

Aloha Protein Powder

This certified organic, plant-based protein powder is free of gluten, soy, and dairy. Unlike other protein powders on the market, Aloha promises on taste without relying on artificial sweeteners and uses minimally processed and sustainably sourced ingredients. Try adding a scoop of Aloha Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, or Mixed Berry protein powder to your morning smoothie for all the energy you need to take on the day!

Gluten-free Workout Snacks

Honey Stinger Gluten Free Organic Waffles

Yes, we realize these certified gluten-free waffles resemble dessert, but we promise they’ll do more than just ignite your sweet tooth! Honey Stinger sandwiches honey, a natural source of energy and antioxidants, between two thin waffle wafers to refuel carbohydrates and nourish your muscles as you work out. Single-serving packs make Honey Stingers easy to always have on hand and are available in yummy flavors like Salted Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon, and Wildflower Honey.

Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix

According to their website, these salty, sweet, and crunchy seed and fruit mixes are “so good you won’t even forget the nuts!” In addition to omitting peanuts and tree nuts, this snack mix is free of fourteen other common allergens, including gluten. A handful or two of either Mountain Mambo (which includes vegan chocolate chips) or Beach Bash will definitely keep you well-fueled and allergen-safe on your next hike.

GoMacro Protein Bars

GoMacro Protein Bars are chock full of gluten-free, vegan protein made from wholesome and delicious ingredients that will boost your energy levels if you’re feeling fatigued. Delightfully chewy in texture, these bars are health conscious for both humans and the planet on which we live. All ingredients in each bar come from non-GMO certified growers who practice responsible farming practices. Look for single bars or variety packs to sample their most popular decadent flavors.

Picky Bars

With one of the co-founders being a pro-marathoner with Celiac disease, we know these protein bars must be good. Each cleverly named flavor (including Chai and Catch Me and Cookie Doughpness) is gluten-free and filled with real ingredients that are easy to pronounce. These bars are well-balanced for high-intensity sports or simple snacking, so no matter how picky of an eater you are, give these a try!

Pro Bar Organic Nut Butters

Spreadable goodness in the form of nut butter is a delicious post-workout alternative for folks who are bar-adverse. Each organic nut butter packet is gluten-free, made with coconut oil, and contains 5-7 grams of protein with no added sugar. There’s yerba mate caffeine in four of the flavors (Koka Moka, Coconut Almond, Almond, and Peanut) to give you an extra surge of energy when you need it most.

While many of the items on this list are safe to test using Nima, remember to use caution when testing gummy foods (like gels or sports beans), dry, powdery foods, and intensely colored drinks (such as hydration drink mixes and protein powder). We recommend using only a small amount and diluting powders with a little water for the most accurate test.

What are some of your favorite workout snacks or drinks that you’ve tested with Nima? Let us know in the comments!