Peanut-free Ballparks

We may have baseball stadiums to thank for the popularity of peanuts in American cuisine, but it’s no surprise that roasted peanuts are a dangerous concession to fans with peanut allergy. Luckily, there has been a recent swell in stadiums who have dedicated sections for peanut-free guests. To celebrate the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, we’ve put together a list of ballparks that hit serious home runs in the ways they accommodate folks with peanut allergy. These parks have created peanut-controlled sections for select games so that everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, can root for the home team.

Minnesota Twins

The Twins have partnered up with the Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota to offer peanut controlled areas at Target Field on special dates. Take your seat in the private balconies above left field and enjoy traditional peanut-free baseball fare. Be aware that fans are required to sign a waiver and may need to provide documentation from a doctor for eligibility. Upcoming games that offer these sections take place on August 16th vs Detroit, August 19th vs Detroit, August 26th vs Oakland, September 9th vs Kansas City, and September 30th vs Chicago White Sox.

Baltimore Orioles

The Peanut Allergy Suite at Oriole Park is cleaned thoroughly before each select game so that peanut-free fans and their guests can enjoy a game without worry. Keep in mind that while there is no area of the ballpark that is completely free from the possibility of peanut particles in the air, this suite provides the best environment for people with peanut allergy. Tickets are available by phone order only at 888-848-BIRD. Upcoming games take place on July 23rd vs Boston and August 14th vs New York.

Oakland Athletics

Every game in the Athletics’ 2018 season boasts a peanut-controlled area. Snagging tickets for this zone at the Oakland Coliseum is easy: simply fill out the waiver and a link will be sent to you to purchase tickets. While this dedicated section doesn’t have separate bathrooms or concessions, the Coliseum does offer a designated peanut-controlled entrance to the park at BB Gate. The area will be cleaned and checked just prior to the stadium gates being opened at each game.

Toronto Blue Jays

Peanuts and tree nuts are not allowed in the reserved Rogers Centre area during designated Blue Jays games. The closest concession stand to this zone will not be selling peanuts, nuts, peanut/nut-based products during these games and additional staff will be assigned to the surrounding area to make sure fans don’t bring peanuts or nuts into the Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone. Emergency personnel will be available near this zone for extra precaution. Upcoming games include July 23rd vs Minnesota, August 8th vs Boston, August 20th vs Baltimore, August 24th vs Philadelphia, September 5th vs Tampa Bay, September 9th vs Cleveland, and September 22nd vs Tampa Bay.

Seattle Mariners

No peanuts are allowed in sections 313, 314, and 315 at Safeco Field during select game days. There will be signs posted in nearby areas to alert all guests of the peanut-controlled area and a least peanut-exposed path will be highlighted for peanut-free fans. Stay for the spectacular fireworks after the game on July 20th vs Chicago White Sox or watch the Mariners take on the Houston Astros on August 21st.

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates host an annual Allergy Awareness Day at PNC Park where guests can watch the action without having to compromise their food safety. The Pirates reserve The Miller Lite Rooftop as a peanut-controlled area for fans and their immediate family affected by peanut allergy. While the event already happened on May 20th, be on the lookout for which game will offer the peanut-free rooftop during the 2019 season!  

San Diego Padres

In conjunction with Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), the Padres are proud to present the Peanut-Controlled Area at Petco Park as they take on the Arizona Diamondbacks on July 29th. They take care to prepare the zone by power-washing the seats, having emergency responders nearby, removing items with peanut-based ingredients from the area, and placing “No Peanut Zone” signs to inform all guests. Not only that, a portion of the ticket funds will be donated to FARE so that they continue to provide food allergy support.

Milwaukee Brewers

Peanut-free guests can watch the Brewers score from Peanut-Controlled Areas at Miller Park. A special call window is available to pick up tickets and gates will open 15 minutes prior to the game for ticketed fans in these areas to avoid exposure to peanuts as they find their seats. Upcoming games that offer these areas take place on July 20th vs Los Angeles, August 3rd vs Colorado, and September 28th vs Detroit.

Kansas City Royals

The Peanut Friendly Suite at Kauffman Stadium, located on the Press Box Level, is available for select games during the 2018 season. Guests are not permitted to leave the suite during games for allergy reasons, but ticket prices include peanut-free food and non-alcoholic beverages, so you’ll have everything you need to enjoy the game. If you have peanut allergy, come watch the Royals play against Toronto on August 16th or Baltimore on September 2nd!

Cincinnati Reds

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT), three Reds games this season will be held in a private, enclosed, and newly peanut- and nut-free renovated suite in Cincinnati Bell Pavilion. Take in the plays from center field far from concession stands and regular ballgame seating. Detailed cleaning of seating and nearby restrooms will take place prior to the games and a portion of ticket sales will be donated to FAACT. Check out tickets for games on July 22nd vs Pittsburgh and August 15th vs Cleveland.

Planning to go to a baseball game soon? Here are some tips to stay safe and have fun if you or a family member has peanut allergy:

• Always plan ahead (tickets for peanut-controlled sections are limited and go fast!). Contact the ballpark in advance if you have any questions.

• Arrive early to avoid being exposed to peanuts on your way to peanut-controlled sections of the park.

• Remember that “peanut-controlled” is not the same thing as “peanut-free.” Peanuts will more than likely be present in other areas of open air ballparks. Take all precautions that you normally do in public places.

• Don’t forget to bring your Nima Peanut Sensor to know whether the concessions at the park are safe to consume!