We often see posts from our community members about how the Nima Gluten Sensor has helped them eat with more confidence – at events, while traveling, or even just at home.

Featured below are real stories sent to us via video or posted on Instagram from Nima community members about how the Nima Sensor has improved their lives and helped them in finding #foodfreedom. We will be sharing these stories as part of a monthly #foodfreedom series, where Nima community members from around the world share how Nima has helped shape their meaning of food freedom.

Valerie is the first of several Nima users who will be featured in our monthly #foodfreedom video series.

Alicia K — @alicia.simplesweets

“Can I tell you how 🥇AMAZING🥇 the @nimasensor support team has been??!?!? They check in with me to see if I am having issues and proactively contact me if they find that I am getting errors! I signed up for the Premium Membership so I get some other perks including discounted capsules!! This handy device has already saved me from a couple of glutenings!!”

Makan Restaurant — @glutenfreemakan

“No fear of cross-contamination in our gluten-free kitchen! All products are tested with #nimasensor so you can eat in peace!”

Amy — @amythefamilychef

“Why I like my @nimasensor . This restaurant @zinburger has high marks for #glutenfree . I explained to the waitress my daughter is #celiac and asked a bunch of questions. I’m still wary any time a place is not dedicated.

We decided to test the loaded fries and her burger/bun.

The food came out quicker than I expected so I didn’t snap the #glutenfound in the loaded fries on the right. But my DDs burger and bun were safe.

So, the problem is was it the fries, the sauce, or the bacon. Who knows?? We decided to skip the fries and both had the burger (someone else in our party ate the fries). In this situation, I prefer to be cautious. Every time we eat out it’s a risk. We know that. But in this moment, we choose to not take the risk with the fries, even the plain ones that were on her plate. Happy that the burger was #nimatested .”

Ashley — @acalf19

“5 years ago this week I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. So in honor of this milestone and that it’s Celiac Awareness Month here is my @nimasensor working hard at my local tequila bar. I’m so grateful for the extra freedom this device has given me in the past year. Happy Celiac Awareness Month y’all! 👍”

Erika — @thetrailtohealth

“Trust your intuition and Nima Sensor! Was prepping a salad for lunch later today and had gotten these @365bywholefoods brand Artichoke Hearts. Though they are not labeled gluten free, they do not have any gluten ingredients or any notification that they were processed in a facility with wheat. I had a really bad feeling about them even though they seemed safe and my @nimasensor confirmed it! I can’t tell you how many times my Nima has saved me from accidental gluten exposure. I highly recommend one if you are trying to stay away from gluten. Link in profile with all the details on the sensor and how to get one for yourself.”

We always love hearing from our community about how the Nima Sensor lets you live your best life. Share your story with the hashtag #foodfreedom if you want to be featured in our series!