To most, going out with your friends for a sunny weekend brunch or a nice dinner to celebrate a job promotion is a casual thought. However, for others, going out means summoning enough bravery to tread outside the safety of one’s own kitchen.

Featured below are real stories sent to us via video or posted on Instagram from Nima community members about how the Nima Sensor has improved their lives and helped them in finding #foodfreedom. We will be sharing these stories as part of a monthly #foodfreedom series, where Nima community members from around the world share how Nima has helped shape their meaning of food freedom.

For Joe, #foodfreedom means no more having to eat alone. Now, he can go out for meals with his crew after a day of piloting planes.

For Valerie (@wheatlessandhappy), #foodfreedom means an extra layer of assurance when traveling.

Raise your hand if you think it’s a pain to travel as a celiac 🙌🏻 Over the years, I’ve kind of perfected it but it can still be stressful. For me, it’s all about planning, meal prepping and researching ahead of time where I can eat. I wrote a blog post today about some of the things that make traveling easy for me like my @nimasensor ❤️ my @rticcoolers soft pack cooler 😎 and my new @myhotlogic mini, portable oven to heat up home cooked food while I’m away 😍 I’m so thankful for these products!

For Christina (@buenqamino), #foodfreedom means a smiling face and a full belly.

Many of you have asked about my handy gluten tester aka the @nimasensor that I carry around everywhere! Including on all of my trips. I have written a review on it for you to checkout on the blog, including some of the pros and cons (link is in bio ⬆️). It’s so nice to no longer question what I am eating when I’m out and about. Thank you for all of the happy faces and for my full belly, #Nima 💗🥡🥣🥄🍴🥢🍽🍹#NimaTested#buenqamino

For Michelle (@mkirkland1977), #foodfreedom means going out with coworkers. It also means no more taking the waiter’s word for it.

The challenges of work functions. 🙂 The appetizers came out (not GF) and I had a feeling this wasn’t a GF dinner. The server nonchalantly said my selection was “oh yeah, totally gluten free”. Three smiley faces later I was shocked and happy. So thankful for @nimasensor.

Jenny (@goodforyouglutenfree) understands that restaurants can’t guarantee a gluten-free meal. However, for her, #foodfreedom means that the Nima Sensor can come close.

Yet another celiac warrior 💪 moment brought to you by my @nimasensor. My husband and I both ordered gluten-free dishes at @billsrestaurant today and one came back with gluten found 🌾 and one came back as gluten-free 👍. Scroll ➡️ for more pics. The manager couldn’t have been nicer about it but … it still happened. I get that restaurants can’t guarantee a GF meal, but I sure do love that Nima and I keep them on their toes!

For these folks, #foodfreedom means no more worries about eating out! It’s the Hakuna Matata philosophy of gluten-free eating.

We always love hearing from our community about how the Nima Sensor lets you live your best life. Share your story with the hashtag #foodfreedom if you want to be featured in our series!