gluten-free dinner

Two weeks ago, a group of dinners were living out their gluten-free and cotton candy fantasies at the GFF Magazine’s Dream Dining event in Los Angeles. The dinner was a hair-raising event in an exclusively positive sense (the hair raised was a wig made out of cotton candy!), the event was held in the gorgeous Barton G, an imagination-fueled, gourmet playground that serves whimsy in the form of delicious food.

The Dream Dining event featured gluten-free luminaries, workshops for cooking with a twist, a chance to try our Nima Gluten Sensors, and a decadent gluten-free feast. Keep scrolling to see some pictures of the amazing food!

Nima + Dream Dining

One of our own employees, Stacy, was there to experience the gluten-free paradise. She said,

I had a wonderful time at the GFF Dream Dining event at the incredible Barton G. A beautiful setting, delicious food and great people. It was so nice to get to spend time with GFF fans and followers and talk to them about Nima. I got to meet the chef, test the dishes and stuff myself on delectable food, spectacularly presented (I still can’t get over the props used in the presentation) and the delicious treats (best-tiramisu-ever). I got to meet several representatives from Schar who make wonderful products for people who can’t eat gluten – and also for people who can! Every dish and every conversation was a new experience and I was thrilled to be there – and sad I can only go to one! We are so lucky to be part of this great community.

In addition to eating some fantastic food and chatting with the influencers and fellow diners, Stacy also took along her personal Nima and tested each dish that the chefs brought out. All of the dishes tested with a smile!

Here are some of Stacy’s favorite dishes from the night:

Caesar a la “B” Salad

gluten-free dinner

Description: Little gem lettuce, grilled garlicky gluten-free crostini, Moroccan anchovy, Grana Padano, cured egg yolk.

Result: Smile!

Samurai Moonfish

gluten-free dinner

Description: Pacific moonfish broiled with black garlic marinade, salt-crusted Dutch potatoes, blistered shishito, perilla, miso-scallion aioli.

Result: Smile!

Lobster Trap Mac and Cheese

gluten-free dinner

Description: Maine Lobster and gluten-free pasta in three cheese lobster sauce: the decadent favorite.

Result: Smile!

Marie Antoinette’s Head – Let Them Eat Cake

Description: Towering cotton candy pompadour, yesteryear gluten-free candies, and tiramisu.

Result: Smile!

Come Dine with Us

If you feel yourself brimming with jealousy, fret not because you can attend one of these Dream Dining events yourself!

Chicago, Illinois

When: August 29

Where: Split-Rail

Austin, Texas

When: September 11

Where: Holy Roller

You can browse the mouthwatering menus for both events here. Featured guests such as Erika Lenkert, GFF founder, and K.C. Cornwell, author of The G-Free Foodie, will be waiting to meet you there!