Peanut-free snacks: kids eating

It’s August and your kiddos are going back to school, going through the daily grind of class, recess, class, and repeat. After a grueling game of freeze tag, they want some snacks to munch on. As a parent, you want your child to have a nutritious, filling snack to get them through the day. However, for parents who have kids with peanut allergies, there is an extra step you take to ensure a successful snack time.

With these peanut-free back to school snacks seen below, snack time can check all those boxes. All the following snacks were recommended based on its portability, practicality, easiness-to-make, nutrition value, and fun factor!

DISCLAIMER: When choosing healthy nut-free snacks for your child, always check the label before purchasing as brands continuously change their manufacturing process. Due to US labeling regulations often being weak, where brands are not required to share “potential or unintentional presence of major food allergens in foods resulting from ‘cross-contact’ situations during manufacturing,” according to FALPAC’s labeling requirements, it is important to contact the brand when in question.

Peanut butter alternatives

Peanut butter has been considered a staple of kiddie snacks. The gooey, rich snack has been a haven for some, but a nightmare for many others with allergies to this nutty substance. Luckily, there are plenty of substitutes that may surprise your kid wonder how it’s not peanut butter! Here are a short list of some of them:

Peanut-free snacks: wowbutter

Going the extra mile: If your child loves cars, try the whimsical apple car. Some peanut butter alternative can grease up the grape wheels and with a little customization, your kid might be able to bring their NASCAR dreams to life!

Peanut-free snacks: apple cars

Hummus and _____________

Hummus is a more savory alternative to peanut butter. Pair them with Stacy’s Herb & Garlic Pita Chips and introduce a nice zing to a mellow hummus. Or, choose from a multitude of other flavors. They specify in their FAQ section that the products are not made in facilities that contain peanuts. This versatile dip can be accompanied by a plethora of foods.

Going the extra mile: Turn this savory dip into an octopus habitat. With a parade of peppers, some cucumbers, and carrots this creative snack will be a fun addition to your child’s day!Peanut-free snacks: hummus octopus

Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels

Pretzels have always been a snack time favorite. This salty treat is not only a classic, but most of its products are now peanut-free according to Kids with Food Allergies. Some of the peanut-free options include Pretzel Minis, Pretzel Sticks, Pretzel Snaps, and Pretzel Rods. Peanut-free snacks: snyders

Going the extra mile: If you want to take that next step to make your child’s snack time special and the envy of the group, use these peanut-free pretzels to help this adorable celery butterfly take flight!

Peanut-free snacks: celery butterflies

Brothers All-Natural Fruit Crisps

Whether your child is a fan of fruits or makes a face at the thought, they will love these fruit crisps that remind them of their favorite chips and fruits in one bite! Brothers All Natural is a company that prides itself in throwing a cheers to the way Mother Nature created fruits, all-natural and all-delicious. The company also is allergy-conscious, providing products that are not only free of peanuts, but of gluten, soy, and dairy. For the health conscious parent, this is the perfect snack to pack for an ease of mind that they will be enjoying their snack time with a smile. They also have Disney versions!

Peanut-free snacks: fruit crisps

Going the extra mile: Sprinkle a few pinches of cinnamon on top for that magical fall flavor!

Goldfish Crackers

Smiles are contagious and this is true when it comes to goldfish crackers as well. Whether they come in the form of a carton or in a packet, these smiley goldfish will surely put a grin on your child’s face. While the company released a statement in 2015 that their line does not get processed on a dedicated line for processing peanut-free goldfish, Ellen Passaro, the Quality Director of the firm issued a statement that the goldfish crackers are “reliably made on lines that do not also process peanuts or tree nuts.” 

Peanut-free snacks: goldfish

Going the extra mile: Pair these golden fishes with some blueberries to create a little under-the-sea fun in your child’s lunchbox!

Peanut-free snacks: blueberries and goldfish

Honey Maid Graham Crackers

Some may recall these crackers for their sweet crumbly texture and famous harmony with the gooeyness of chocolate. However, not only do they make a nice S’mores, but these are great snacks on their own. According to Holly Grainger, MS, RD and Beverly Schools these graham crackers are perfectly peanut-free (But the same can’t be said for Honey Maid’s Teddy Bear Graham Crackers, so be sure before you purchase!).

Peanut-free snacks: honey maid crackers

Going the extra mile: These sweet treats can be made into an even sweeter S’mores classroom board. Using pretzels as the rim of the board, you can top it off with some icing of some fractions, multiplication, or word of the day for some educational snacking!

Peanut-free snacks: smores

Here is a list of some allergy-free frostings you can use for the icing.