Few weeks ago we began shipping out the Nima peanut sensors to our preorder customers. As new Nima peanut community members set up their Nima peanut sensors and connect to the Nima app, we’re starting to hear their feedback and stories. Here’s a quick peanut community member story from Maria Paige featuring her daughter Aria.

Aria, age 5 lives in San Diego and has a severe peanut allergy. 

“The most exciting thing about by Peanut Sensor is I get to try new foods like cake from a grocery store, for the first time.” -Aria

“Aria is so enthusiastic about her Sensor that it’s been taken with her on our weekend adventures. This weekend we’re going camping and are so excited to have the device along for the trip. Thank YOU and the Nima team for putting the biggest smile on my child’s face by giving her the gift of freedom AND safety. ” – Maria

Thanks Maria and Aria for sharing your quick story! Do you have a Nima peanut sensor and have a story to share with the community? Send us your stories and photos at community@nimasensor.com!