gluten-free Napa

The City of Napa is the focal point for the world-famous Napa Valley — a leading vineyard and wine region just an hour north of San Francisco. The City of Napa attracts many tourists from around the globe, helping to create a culture of gourmet, seasonal, and detail-obsessed restaurants to go along with the fabulous wine.

The attention to detail and deep care for customers make City of Napa’s eateries a place where people with food sensitivities can find menus with suitable options, and restaurant staff that is open, knowledgeable, and accommodating whenever possible. We were delighted with our experience in and around Oxbow Market, a must-go for foodies visiting the City of Napa. The Napa Valley Wine Train & The Culinary Institute of America’s CIA at Copia restaurant next door are both on our list to visit next time!


Gott’s Roadside

gluten-free Napa: Nima with a burger and a GF bun

Location: 644 1st St, Napa, CA 94559

#nimatested Dishes: Burger & Fries with GF Bun

Notes: Gott’s Roadside is a chill, self-serve joint with picnic tables that serves inventive burgers (& more), plus beer and wine.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you sit down to eat is the disclaimer on their menu:

“Peanuts and other food allergens are present at all Gott’s Roadside locations. While we make every effort to keep these items separate and serve those with dietary restrictions, we cannot guarantee that our food and beverages will be free of the eight major allergens identified by the FDA.”

After reading such a disclaimer, naturally, the next step is to talk to the staff and ask questions about their gluten-free options. The cashier assured me the burger and fries will be designated gluten-free, will be made in a separate area with all precautions taken. I noticed that the receipt for the order reflected the instructions.

The burger and fries rolled out in a timely fashion and looked so good it was hard to wait. Luckily, the fries that were tested first came out with a smiley so I began munching on them while the burger was Nima tested. Smiley again! The TEXAS AVOCADO BURGER with Jack cheese, sliced avocado, salsa, mayo & pickled jalapeño was juicy and delicious. I was so impressed I made sure to thank the manager and staff.

Testing tip: When testing burgers or other sandos, we recommend placing a napkin underneath to prevent the juices from soggin’ up the bun

Hog Island Oyster Co.

gluten-free Napa: Nima with GF clam chowder

Location: 610 1st St #22, Napa, CA 94559

#nimatested Dishes: Clam Chowder

Notes: Hog Island Oyster Co. is a trendy modern oyster bar that attracts foodies with its range of locally sourced seafood & organic fare.

Gluten-free chowder? Yes, please! Chowder, a San Francisco Bay Area favorite, is commonly made with flour and by fast-casual places that can’t always accommodate food sensitivities. We were very excited when our hostess informed us the soups at Hog Island Oyster Co. are always made to order and can accommodate free-from needs. This Manila clams, aromatic vegetables, bacon, potatoes, & cream chowder was decadent yet not too heavy. A true delight!

C Casa

gluten-free Napa: Nima with GF tacos and brownie

Location: 610 1st St B, Napa, CA 94559

#nimatested Dishes: Rotisserie Duck & Mahi Mahi Tacos

Notes: C Casa uses only white corn tortillas for their gourmet tacos and does their best to ensure there are no other gluten sources in their kitchen. The choices of protein are unique (duck, salmon, & crab to mention a few) and the dishes are innovative and inspire us to come back again to try them all. The gluten-free brownie we were given probably didn’t hurt.

Three Twins Ice Cream

gluten-free Napa: Nima with GF ice cream

Location: 610 1st St #1, Napa, CA 94559

#nimatested Dishes: Mocha Difference & Raspberry Sorbet in a GF Sugar Cone

Notes: This organic ice cream shop can be found all over the San Francisco Bay Area, and has made a name for itself due to their tasty, ice cold treats made from high quality ingredients. Three Twins usually has a variety of flavors that can work for people with gluten-free diets. As always, remind your server to practice allergen safety and use a clean spoon for each flavor. We tasted & tested and had a delicious and safe experience.