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We often see posts from our community members about how the Nima Gluten Sensor has helped them eat with more confidence – at events, while traveling, or even just at home.

Featured below are real stories sent to us via video or posted on Instagram from Nima community members about how the Nima Sensor has improved their lives and helped them in finding #foodfreedom. We will be sharing these stories as part of a monthly #foodfreedom series, where Nima community members from around the world share how Nima has helped shape their meaning of food freedom.

For Roman, #foodfreedom means being able to eat out with his son more.

For others, Nima helps them…

Find peace of mind

“Sending some love to my @nimasensor today ❤️ This device keeps me safe and gives me peace of mind that the food I’m about to consume is truly safe. It’s portable, effective, easy to use and has saved me countless times! I recorded some testimonial videos for Nima last night and I’m so excited. They are revolutionizing the gluten-free community through their technology and I can’t wait to see where it leads. Nima, you’re the real MVP✌🏻”

— Valerie (@wheatlessandhappy)

Avoid getting sick

“I love my @nimasensor. I would have felt safe at this restaurant and eaten this burger, but my Nima found gluten and now I won’t be sick later tonight. ⁣🙌🏼”

— Danielle (

Feel reassured

“What a relief! Testing stuff that I already use in my day to day is stressful but ultimately it is such a reassurance! This is getting spread over my gluten free waffles this morning!”


Get to eat surprise gluten-free goodies

“For the first time in my life a random gluten free baked good ended up in my work break room! No one knew where it came from or who made it. @nimasensor had my back and I enjoyed it!🎃”


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We always love hearing from our community about how the Nima Sensor lets you live your best life. Share your story with the hashtag #foodfreedom if you want to be featured in our series!