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Dylan’s Candy Bar Halloween Items Get #nimatested

Dylan’s Candy Bar items

Dylan’s Candy Bar is home to some of the finest treats, especially in the candy world. Based in New York City, the small but very creative chain of candy stores provides a delicious experience that will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Since it’s the spookiest season of the year, we picked up some scary treats that tasted oh-so-yummy for upcoming Halloween. 

Reminder: There are many food items that may contain gluten or peanut, often in hidden or unexpected ways. Always read the label of any food product you buy if “gluten-free” or “peanut-free” is not specified on the label. Every manufacturing lot is different so we encourage you to test often with your Nima sensor.

‘Pumpkin Up The Party’ Mini Halloween Gummy Bear Fillable with a Pumpkin Mask

Dylan’s Candy Bar: Nima smiling with candy

#nimatested Result: Smile!

Notes: One of my favorites from the group, the ‘Pumpkin Up The Party’ Mini Halloween Orange Gummy Bears were delightful! The orange gummy bears inside the cute bear container were sweet but not too sugary with the flavor tasting as great as oranges do. The packaging itself is in the shape of a teddy bear and comes with a cute halloween mask, making it perfect for this spooky season. Best of all, the gummy bears were gluten- and peanut-free, so all you have to worry about is enjoying these spooky delicious creations!

‘Freaking Meowt’ Foiled Caramel Milk Chocolate with a Cat Mask

Dylan’s Candy Bar

#nimatested Result: Smile!

Notes: Another great pick has to be the ‘Freaking Meowt’ Foiled Milk Chocolate, a cute and tasty treat that will be sure to be the star of any halloween party or get together! The chocolate inside is so smooth and rich while the bear container with the cat mask will be sure to make a great gift for any chocolate lover! These foiled Milk Chocolate rounds also were gluten- and peanut-free!

Gummy Witch Hats inside of the Halloween Tackle Box

Dylan’s Candy Bar: candy

#nimatested Result: Smile!

Notes: My personal favorite of the group has to be the Gummy Witch Hats created by Dylan’s Candy Bar. With a satisfyingly thick texture and ever-so-tasty fruity flavors, these small witch hats are too irresistible not to eat. Best of all, these were both gluten- and peanut-free and once you take one bite you won’t be able to stop yourself from eating them all!

‘Lentil’ Chocolate Candies inside of the Halloween Tackle Box

Dylan’s Candy Bar

#nimatested Result: Smile!

Notes: A colorful bunch of small candies, the ‘Lentil’ Chocolate candies inside of the Halloween Tackle Box are definitely a great snack as you just can’t stop once you start eating them. With a rich and delicious chocolate inside and a satisfying crunch, these little chocolate candies are definitely a great addition to halloween parties or just something to nibble on. These also made my Nima sensors smile as both are gluten- and peanut-free!

Dylan’s Candy Bar Milk Caramel Thins

Dylan’s Candy Bar: Nima smiling with candy

#nimatested Result: Smile!

Notes: Last but certainly not least has to be the tasty Milk Caramel Thins from Dylan’s Candy Bar . So rich and decadent but thin enough to save you from that candy guilty feeling, these small chocolate bars are perfect for giving as a gift to others or enjoying all on your own. The taste of this chocolate is bound to put a smile on your face, especially since it is both gluten- and peanut-free. Enjoy!

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