Breaking Bread: Austin

Austin is a Nima community member living in Austin, Texas. You can follow his wife, Samantha, on instagram as she documents their gluten-free journey (@samantha_furry)!

What’s your food identity, and how do you maintain it?

Celiac, diagnosed approx 10 years ago. I try to stick to the same foods/restaurants that I know and trust. It can be difficult when friends/family come to town if I’m unsure about a restaurant they want to try. I’m also trying to cook at home more.

What are some of your hobbies or interests?

Psychology, music, rock climbing, and travel.

What was your food life like before you had your Nima?

I just took my first trip with Nima and the difference of having it when I travel was incredible. I used to be very concerned about travel and would spend hours researching a variety of places I may be able to eat at during a vacation. Traveling with Nima made the process easier and gave me more confidence in my choices. Nima isn’t a replacement for doing my due diligence and talking to the staff at a restaurant, but it was a tremendous boost of confidence in the choices I made. Even if I’m weary about a restaurant we’re eating at and I’ve alerted them of my allergy I may still feel concerned. However, having the ability to test my food is a huge boost to be able to enjoy the experience of eating out on vacation. (Which is the best part right?)

What’s your food life like now that you have Nima?

More confident and willing to try new things.

What do you test with Nima? Has there been anything that surprised you wasn’t safe (according to Nima)?

I’ve tested it a few times at restaurants while traveling and everything came up gluten-free!

What do your friends, family, and/or doctors think about Nima?

People are amazed that this exists and it’s so convenient. Even a server at a restaurant we ate at has Celiac and was so excited to see and hear about it.

When using Nima at restaurants, what has been your experience? Do you have a favorite Nima related story?

My experience has been very positive. Everything I tested came up gluten free so far. My favorite story is having a server with Celiac that had never heard of Nima and was so excited to see it in action!

If you can only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably pizza.

If you can only use one spice or condiment what would it be?

Sriracha sauce or ketchup.

If you can only choose one restaurant for the rest of your life where would it be?

Being in Austin the Whole Foods flagship store is here and it is massive. They have a number of restaurant style options around the store separate from their traditional hot bar.

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Thank you for sharing your story Austin!

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