Gluten-free French Toast

National French Toast Day is taken seriously for those of us who wake up on the weekends just to eat brunch. Because San Francisco is a popular destination for brunch, we decided to find some places that offer gluten-free French toast.

The main ingredient in French toast is bread, so naturally, it’s not exactly one’s go-to gluten-free brunch. However, with the rise of celiac disease and gluten intolerance awareness, many restaurants are providing gluten-free options and accommodating food restrictions.

The Research

25 phone calls were made to check for gluten-free french toast.


1 did not pickup, 5 restaurants confirmed that the french toast could be made gluten-free, and 19 restaurants did not make gluten-free french toast. In conclusion, roughly 20% of the restaurants could accommodate gluten-free options.

  • Many asked to repeat the question
  • Some went on hold to ask the kitchen chefs
  • 2 out of 24 connected calls stated that french toast is “made of bread” and hence, could not be gluten-free*

*This response made me realize that more restaurant staff should be taught on gluten-free alternatives and practices such as gluten-free bread and using a separate kitchen or griddle.

List of San Francisco restaurants called:

Gluten-free french toast restaurants

The Restaurants

Out of the five restaurants that offered gluten-free french toast, we decided to test out Morning Due Cafe and Chow.

Morning Due Cafe

Gluten-free French Toast

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Notes: Morning Due Cafe is located an ideal location for many locals and tourists. It is just a block away from the famous Mission Dolores Park– well known for its fresh local vibe and view of the San Francisco skyline.

Chow Restaurant

Gluten-free French Toast

#nimatested results: Smile!

Notes: Chow, also located in the Mission District in San Francisco, offers traditional American food, brunch, and soul food. The restaurant has almost 2000 reviews on Yelp with a rating of four stars.


Remember, when planning on ordering meals that are naturally made of wheat/bread, call the restaurant ahead and ask about alternative options.


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