When in New York City, there are some places that one visit: The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Empire State Building, and… Magnolia Bakery.  As a New York based bakery, Magnolia Bakery has won hearts of many- internationally too. Famous for its cupcakes, the bakery has expanded to stores in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dubai, Tokyo, Seoul, and Mexico City. We decided to test some of the items to look for peanut-free desserts, here is what we found!

Magnolia Bakery on Allergens and FoodWe do not bake in an allergen-free environment. While we do have select products that do not contain wheat or nuts, all of our products are baked in an environment where wheat, dairy and nuts are present in high volumes. Due to the presence of these allergens at all of our baking facilities, we do not recommend consuming any of our desserts if you are allergic to wheat, nuts or dairy.

Tested Location: Grand Central Terminal 

Banana Pudding

magnolia bakery banana pudding

magnolia bakery banana pudding medium

#nimatested Results: Smile!

Notes: Magnolia Bakery’s most popular item. This peanut-free dessert has chunks of bananas and vanilla wafers. A spoonful may not be enough. Best when eaten cold.

Lemon Bar

magnolia bakery lemon bar

#nimatested Results: Smile!

Notes: Sprinkled with sugar powder, this lemon bar will melt in your mouth. No additional toppings or add-ins.


Magic Cookie Bar

magnolia bakery magic cookie bar

#nimatested Results: Smile!

Notes: Topped with a layer of shredded coconut, this cookie bar is magical indeed. Crunchy on the top and soft on the bottom. contains walnuts, chocolate chips, and sweetened condensed milk.

Cinnamon Muffin

magnolia bakery cinnamon muffin

#nimatested Results: Smile!

Notes: Did you know if you go after 5pm, you can get these muffins for free?


Coconut Cake

magnolia bakery coconut cake

#nimatested Results: Smile!

Notes: Magnolia Bakery does not skimp on the coconut. This cake had so much coconut which really intensified the nutty flavor and texture of the cake. It was like eating a moist macaroon with cream. The perfect coconut-full and peanut-free dessert.


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