Spring break always seems to arrive just when we need it most–a reprieve after dark winter days, stuck-in-the-rut routines, and stir crazy kiddos. With spring break on the horizon, we’ve got our sights set on popular (and affordable!) travel destinations that allow for some real R & R, even for gluten-free travelers. We know that leaving the comforts of your own kitchen and food-safe preparation can sometimes cause more worry than it’s worth, but fear not: we’ve found some of the best places to venture, whether you’re gluten-free or not. So pack your sunnies, gluten-free snacks, and your Nima sensor as you head off to one of these gluten-free spring break spots!

The Caribbean Islands

Trade in your snowy yard for turquoise ocean and jet down to the Caribbean islands for some vitamin D! For an affordable and family-friendly option, check out one of the many all-inclusive resorts, where accommodations and food are part of a package price. Several of these resorts, such as Sandals, Beaches, and Viva Wyndham Resorts have multiple restaurants on site and can tailor their dining programs for gluten-free eaters. Just be sure to contact a guest representative in advance to request gluten-free options. As many resorts offer buffet meals, be sure to double-check your gluten-free fare with your Nima sensor in case of cross contamination or misplaced serving utensils. PS. For a list of gluten-free options in Aruba, look here!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become an increasingly popular destination for all ages due to its luscious natural beauty, friendly hospitality, and yummy eats. Because much of Costa Rican cuisine is naturally gluten-free, relying heavily on rice and plantains, you’ll have a much easier time finding delicious and safe options. As an added bonus for people with peanut allergies, peanuts are rarely used in traditional Costa Rican dishes, and palm oil is the preferred cooking oil over peanut oil. If you’re interested in an all-inclusive resort, check out Anamaya Resort, which is 100% gluten-free, and offers great yoga, surfing, and scuba diving packages for adults in addition to lodging and food.

We happen to know that one of our community members, Kelly (@kellysaysyes), recently went there for vacation and had a blast!


Mexico is a traditionally popular spot for Spring Break for good reason: sun-soaked days, sandy white beaches…the list goes on. Like the Caribbean and Costa Rica, there are plenty of all-inclusive resorts to check out. If that’s not your thing, no worries! Plenty of traditional Mexican restaurants beyond resorts offer fabulous, naturally gluten-free options: tacos, tamales, quesadillas, and empanadas made with corn tortillas. Consider bringing a gluten-free translation card so that you can communicate your dietary needs accurately with restaurant staff.

New York City

Touted as one of the most gluten-free friendly cities in the country, New York City is a fantastic place to visit for spring break. Whether you’re looking to explore some of the amazing gluten-free ethnic restaurants across the city, sit down for a Michelin-starred–and food safe–dining experience, or snack on gluten-free baked goods, NYC has you covered. Feeling overwhelmed with all the eating options? Visit our #nimatested Guide to NYC Dining to start planning all the noms during your trip.


Maybe you’ve scored cheap tickets to Orlando or perhaps you’re just a drive away from Anaheim: no matter which Disney park you visit (WDW or Disneyland), you’ll be guaranteed to score some tasty gluten-free eats that the whole family will love! Restaurants in the parks and resorts offer allergy-friendly menus and can provide delicious alternatives for people who have dietary requirements, including peanut-free and gluten-free needs. If you choose to eat all your meals within the parks, look into signing up for a meal plan, which will further ensure your food is free from gluten.

Two of our community members recently visited Disney parks! You can read Emma’s dining guide to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter here or watch Austin and Samantha’s instagram takeover at Disney World.

Travel tip: Renting a house for a week is often much more affordable than staying at a resort. This also offers you the option to cook your own meals. While rental properties are typically cleaned prior to arrival, make sure to do a thorough clean of the kitchen for your own extra precaution.

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