Hi, my name is Tatjana Mustac and I am a native of Queens, NY. I am a PreMedical student at Queens College, CUNY. I have Celiac Disease and I am a College Ambassador with Nima. I enjoy exploring and trying new restaurants with my Nima Sensor. As per my diet, I am: gluten free, dairy free and plant based for the most part. However, when going out to eat, I enjoy different meals as long as they are Celiac safe.



Address: 1266 Madison Ave

Notes: Noglu is a French gluten free bakery and restaurant. Since all products in the facility are solely gluten free, it was expected that my Nima would be happy. However, it is always best to double check! As I expected, my peanut butter chocolate chip cookies were entirely gluten free! Not to mention, they were also delicious.


Etcetera Etcetera

Address: 352 W 44th St.

Notes: Etcetera Etcetera is a modern Italian restaurant that has a decent amount of dishes that could be made gluten free and safe for guests with Celiac Disease. A personal favorite of mine when visiting is the gluten free tagliatelle bolognese. My Nima was very happy with it as well.



Address: Friedman’s has multiple locations throughout Manhattan however, the locations I have visited are 450 10th Ave and 228 West 47th Street (Edison Hotel).

Notes: Both locations have knowledgeable staffs when it comes to gluten free and celiac disease. Also, 99% of their menu can be made gluten-free. To my surprise, my Nima wasn’t entirely happy with my meal. When I visited that day, the restaurant was really busy, which may have caused cross contamination. However, I have visited multiple times where my Nima was smiley.

Modern Bagel and Bread

Address: 472 Columbus Ave.

Notes: Modern Bagel and Bread is fairly new. The restaurant is entirely gluten- free and is so delicious it makes you second guess if your meal is truly gluten- free. Not to mention, the atmosphere of the restaurant is chic and modern. I tested the breakfast grilled cheese. Thankfully, my Nima confirmed that my meal was in fact gluten free! I am already planning my next visit!


The Butcher’s Daughter

Address: 581 Hudson Street

Notes: The Butcher’s Daughter has many locations throughout New York and Los Angeles. The restaurant has many plant based and gluten free options. I specifically tested the weekend waffles and both my Nima and I were left smiling.


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