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Lindsey is currently a Nima College Ambassador studying at the University of Iowa. She is a celiac warrior and a member of the University of Iowa’s Celi-Yaks Club.


The spring semester at the University of Iowa is almost over. Finals week is just around the corner. And what is everyone stocking up on? Study snacks! I will admit, I am not much of a snack person, but I thought I would share my favorites that I tested with the Nima sensor.

Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies: Chocolate Chip

enjoy life soft baked cookies

Notes: I love these cookies. They are small, soft, and a little crumbly. The perfect Chips Ahoy alternative. If you didn’t know they were free of almost every allergen, you wouldn’t be able to tell! I’m looking forward to trying more Enjoy Life products in the future.  


Skinny Pop Popcorn

skinny pop popcorn

Notes: Skinny Pop has become my go-to movie popcorn. It has just the right amount of salt to become addictive. I usually get the single serving packs to keep myself from eating a whole bag! Very light taste while also filling your stomach.


Planter’s Honey Roasted Peanuts

planters peanuts

Notes: I think nuts are a great snack because they are easy to carry, filling, and nutritious. They also pair well with the chocolate or fruit you may have on hand. Honey-roasted peanuts are my favorite because they are both salty and sweet.

Driscoll’s Raspberries


Notes: I was curious to see how my favorite fruit would test with the Nima sensor. From what I’ve read online, fresh fruits and vegetables are not typically processed on the same equipment as wheat/gluten products, but I thought it would be safe to check. Hooray for the smile.


FairLife 2% Reduced Fat Chocolate Ultra-Filtered Milk

fairlife milk

Notes: This chocolate milk has become my favorite drink lately. I have a little when I am “kind of hungry but not hungry enough for a meal”, or when I want a healthier way to quench a chocolate craving. Besides being gluten free, as the Nima sensor proves, it is also lactose free.


Thanks for reading this #nimatested report! Make sure to share your favorite gluten free study snacks with other students!


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